Me and 2 other divers decided to take a day dive trip over the weekend. Drive from KL to Kuala Dungun Via gombak -> karak -> LPT higway-> Exit Kuala Dungun. We drove at about 9.30pm Friday night after work and reached kuala Dungun u at about 1.30am on Saturday morning. This time i decide just to have 1 day of diving with ScubaNetwork Tenggol. As a first timer guest for scubanetwork, me and 2 other frenz of mine was welcomed by the soft-spoken Mr Sabri the caretaker of the dc and also the guesthouse. Since it was our 1st time with scubanetwork so we do not know how they operates. After checking in to our room, Mr Sabri informed us that we have to prepare our gears into the basket he provided that very morning and a short briefing about what to prepare before we depart to tenggol. At almost 2am and after 5 hours of drive, all I could think about was a pillow and a cozy bed to tuck into but then again for a dc to operates from the mainland back and forth to the island, I’m sure they need to prepare all the stuff as early as possible.
We put all the gears in our baskets, sign our liability forms, and listened to Mr Sabri briefing us about the time for breakfast and our time to depart from the dc to the jetty.
He also mentioned about setting up our dive gears for us in the boat so that everything will be ready once we arrived at the jetty.
At first I declined saying that often when other setting up for me, my 1st stage keep hitting on my head but then after a few seconds I accepted his suggestion.Because if I let them do it, the operation will be even smoother rather than having them waiting for me to setup the gears in the boat. Just imagine a boat size enough to fit with max 10-12 divers, with divers moving here and there setting up gears at the same time.
Yeah, just let them do it and i just check again after they setup for me.
After the briefing at around 2.45am , the 3 of us of to bed.
By 6 am we woke up, do our solat subuh and 7am we greeted by Mr Sabri and he told us to take our breakfast at the nearby local stall. Less than 2 minutes of walk we reach to a busy stall filled with lots of local delacacies. The food was tempting, I had to remind myself not to eat too many so that i wont feel nausy during the dive.
7.30 am we finished our meal and head back to the guesthouse. A van already waited for us to drive us to the jetty. It wasn’t just the 3 of us, we were joined together with another 3 divers from Johor. They were in the guesthouse with us too. Once we reached to the jetty there were other boats from other DC also about to start their journey to the island. We didn’t move right away. We waited for the other 3 divers from Johor to set up their gears. They choose to set their gears themselves. The time was already 8.45am, thank goodness i change my mind this morning about letting the staff set the gears up for me.
9am the boat start to move to the island. The water surface was calm and smooth ,not a bumpy ride at all. 9.45am we reached our 1st dive site of the Day, Tokong Timur. I just couldn’t resist jumping in looking at how calm the water, also i was about to pee myself.
ScubaNetwork provide 2 guides for us and 2 staff on the boat. 1 guide to bring the Advance divers , 1 guide to bring the Open water , 1 staff to assist divers on the boat and the boatman. We listened to the briefing given by Mr Azman the instructor of ScubaNetwork who is also the boss himself. As soon as we entered the water, oh my i could see other divers from other DC already down below at 20meters. The viz was crystal clear. Magnificent. As usual my left ear had difficulty equalizing. There was no current at all. We dive casually till we reached 30meter. Again the dive was amazing.
Later on scubanetwork brought us to the island for SI and a little refreshment at the restaurant on the island. While we were SI onland, the staff helped to set the gears for us. After 40min, we off to the 2nd Dive site Teluk Nakhoda, this site is famous for Nudibranch sightings. I looked into the horizon and saw dark clouds were forming and it moving fast but not towards us. It was heading towards the mainland. Still it made the surrounding looked dark. Nevertheless as we entered the water, the viz was still good at around 20meters. Only thing, it was hard for us to detect smaller nudis. As we ascend from the dive , i noticed surge at 7meter. We did our safety stop. On the surface, the water choppy enough for us to get into the boat. For a season diver like me, easy for me to take off my gears and straight onto the ladder but for Open water divers, they like to hang on tightly to the ladder or to the side of the boat. When the boat went up and down , the diver’s mask will get splashed by water and panic mode will start to kick in. This time i saw how fast and calm the staff onboard assist the open water diver. He called himself ayahcik. Quite a funny man too. One of the diver by accident, had her thumb clamped by the ladder. Ayahcik tried to calm her and made some jokes to take her off her mind from the pain. We SI and lunched on the island at the same restaurant. The staff brought the diver some ice pack to cool off the pain at her thumb.
We arrived at the restaurant at around 1pm, so by the time we reached the food counter, half of the menu already finished. The lunch was buffet. There were still some food left like chicken and veges. The restaurant actually operate for Tenggol 101 DC and so the buffet was for tenggol 101 dc divers but scubanetwork had a deal with the restaurant to offer the same food package for their customer. So bear in mind guys, always be punctual in time for food hehehe. If you off late on your 1st dive , it will affect your lunch too.Later on i will share scubanetwork Itinerary so that you all be aware of the time.
This time the SI was longer so i get to sit and chat with Mr Azman & Mr Sabri. GEt to know them better and how their DC been doing since they start to operate this year. I told him about how i feel the time i reached to their guesthouse and how they handled the service for setting the gears. I was pleased with their performance. I told them ,it felt like i was not in malaysia. Almost like diving in indonesia. I mean the service.

2.30pm we off to the 3rd and last dive, sawadee wreck. Just a few meter of the lagoon. We were told to put on gears before the boat moved. Uuuuuh again magnificent. No other divers at sight. Only 8 of us. Sawadee wreck mainly for deep dive since the sandy bottom reached to 31 meter. Mostly wrecks visibility can get dull but not this. If it wasnt for my very basic underwater camera casing(only on/off and shoot button) camera, i could have taken more quality pictures. After a few minutes at the wrecks we head toward shallower slope which was turtle point. By 3.20pm we finished the dive.
The staff then take off the gears, packed them accordingly, only then the boat start to move back to the mainland. By 5pm we reached the jetty.
They washed the gears for us so we don’t have to bring anything back to the guesthouse. Seriously i don’t have to do anything or lifting anything heavy accept from dragging myself with the equipment on after the dives. You can always take off your gear while on surface but im too kind. I know the thing heavy, i don’t want the staff to get back ache :p
The nice lady boss Madam Tiur greeted us at the jetty and back at the guesthouse ,hot and delicious keropok lekor ready to be consumed by us.

so points to be taken
* let the staff set the gear for you. Much faster that way
* if by bus, just inform the staff, they can pickup for you anywhere around
Kuala Dungun
* dont be slow, be efficent. Try to get the jetty earlier in the morning so
that you can start the dive earlier
* REMEMBER THE RULE OF MINIMUM 18 HOURS NO FLY TIME. I had to bold this one cause a good diver from Seamonkey Dive Centre, Mr Matcha greeted me
during lunch break on the island. He asked me when i head back to KL , i told him “tomorrow”. He advised me to remember the altitude and the no
fly rule. As you can see heading to the east cost from KL, you need to drive through higher altitude which is the Gombak-Karak highway. The
genting sempah tunnel is 600meter above sea level. Most altitude dives start counting at 1000feet. Eventhough genting sempah is no where that
high, still the chances to get DCS can happen. So try to get some rest 1 day before heading back to KL.

So now pictures and video link of the trip and scubanetwork guesthouse





be punctual

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