Trending: Malaysian scuba divers flocking Weh Island

Since labour day fall on Monday 1st may 2017, many malaysian divers choosed to dive
At Weh island during the weekend.
Not only that , flight AirAsia promo at less than RM200 for roundtrip.

I booked my flight ticket from 27 April till 3rd may 2017 and I booked 2 rooms from finabungalow with std fan
But I didn’t book any scuba dives with any of the dive shop along iboih village.
Once I arrived at #rubiah tirta , the instructor there informed me that they were fully booked and cant fit in
Anymore walkin like me.
I tried with #Iboih DC , same result. I went to Weh Scuba, same too and the list go on with Dive Monster and
Scuba Addict located near Gapang Beach.
When finally I tried #Steffan sea sport (now change name to #Saya Suka Scuba). Lucky for me the owner’s wife
Lay Meng answered my watsap.
I knew that SSS only cater for divers whom already booked with them in advance. Small chance for walkin like
Me. Alhamdulillah , she replied me and said yes I can joined in.
I only booked 3 dives on Monday which was on 1st May.
The rest from 27th april till 30th April , I spent my time freediving all around rubiah island and iboih’s coral reefs.
My main point for this trip was to counter my equalize problem while freedive and have my 1st freediving trip to the open sea.
My longfin haven’t tasted the sea yet. Only with pools and lakes.
During my freedive, I managed to trial and error my equalization technique. I tried any possible tips,
To handle the pain in my ear.
The pain still there during the dive, but it was not as painful as I did in the fresh water lake.
Other than that , I don’t feel that scary when diving with currents.
I was amazed with myself, confidently swimming and not feeling and cramps cause I spent
About 2-3 hours in the water swimming.
So this time around, I cant post any good stuff about diving. Most of the exciting dive sites in weh island (video playlist weh island dive),
I had already video it in my last trip to weh island few years back.
Most of the divers I encountered this time, told me that their dives was tiring cause they had to fight currents.
It seems that iboih has improve a bit over the years. Many more chalets and inn build to accommodate the tourist.
For divers who wishes to dive with #rubiah tirta Divers or #Iboih DC, best that you stay near to their location.
You can choose to use Mr Bean, Iboih inn , Green house or Finabungalow I.
If you choose to dive with #Weh Scuba. Then better you choose to stay Finabungalow II, Bunda Chalet or Juliet Chalet.
The rates pretty much the same.

iboih chalets

For water activities, there are snorkeling , fishing trips and the rates for boats fiber/wooden can follow this pix.
This price only available around iboih village. Not other parts of weh island.


If you don’t want to pay for snorkeling than I can suggest for you to stay at #yuliaresort.
As the house reef there is around 4-6 meter. Located in a lagoon safe from strong currents.
Many coral fishes blue tangs, banner fish, angel fish , morays, lionfish and much more.



Please bring along insect repellent as the mosquitoes are quite aggressive around weh island.

Taxi ride at banda aceh : once you arrive at the airport many taxi there. The rates already fixed so just look at the rates and the driver will take you there
Dive center near iboih
Rubiah tirta :
Iboih DC :
Steffan Sea Sport :
Watsap:+6019-3851256 : Ms Lay meng

Dive center Gapang beach:
Dive monster:
Bubble addict:

yulia bungalow: Address: Iboih, Sukakarya, Sabang City, Aceh 24411, Indonesia ;Phone: +62 823-8843-0456

locals for arrangement at iboih can contact
Mr Nazar


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