Coron island , Philippines

This Chinese New year holiday I went to an island in the Philippines where it is still raw compared to Cebu or Boracay.
Initially scuba diving wasn’t in the ittenary but after a few package hunting at the small town of Coron, I found this
One DC offered an attractive package which include rental gears and lunch.
Pretty much cost of living at Coron was quite cheap and affordable.
Even the chalets or motels not that pricey and worth it.
I saw mostly the tourist were from Korea , China , Taiwan , Europe, and most of them seek for calmness and serenity.
The town doesn’t have loud bars and pretty much dead around 9pm.
I was told that most tourist will spend their nights at the local hotspring which reachable via motorcycle or tricycle.
Anyhow as usual im not the type of person who would write long about my trip. So below a brief of how I get there and how I spend my time at coron island.

1st day –
reach manila international airport . Took a terminal bus to get to the local domestic terminal. Cost me PHP20 only. Ask the local staff at the terminal
On where to get the bus. It very easy and located inside the international premises itself. For the local domestic flight, book a head for destination (BUSUANGA / coron island)
and check out Promos under or
Do take note that their local airline for luggage fee. Only took me 40min to reach Coron island(busuanga).
Once arrive you can either request your hotel to arrange a pick up or just take a van at the airport. Don’t worry there will be many people around to assist you
At the coron terminal. Fee for a van ride from terminal to the town or chalet around PHP150-200.
I stayed at Coron Vista Lodge( booked via My room was number 307 with 2 twin beds and 2 windows overlooking the Mt tapayas and the jetty harbor.
From the lodge to the town was just 5min of walking. I like the place because it is little secluded from the main traffic. The downside every nights the local’s dog
Will barked like mad. It definitely disturbed my sleep.
So after check in the lodge , I went to the town and have some packages hunting. I plan to have 1 day of swimming to the famous lakes of coron and another 1 day of island hoping.
Somehow the plan changed after I get a good price for 3 dives including lunch at Coron divers (

2nd day-
Snorkelling around the famous places of Coron.
Siete pescado, Kayangan Lake, Banol Beach (lunch), Twin lakes, skeleton wreck, Baracuda Lake.
I did a few skin dives there.
Tips: Bring your own mask and snorkel, windbreaker, water bottles. Option if you want to wear fins.
For Muslims, bring your own food. Theres pork in every dish.
The trip start at 9am and finish around 5pm.

3rd day
Scuba dive.
I joined with a few novice divers. One thing famous about diving in Coron island is for its wrecks during the WW2.
I dived at east tangat wrecks, Olympia maru wreck and Lusong wreck. I skipped lusong since I don’t feel that well.
Here are link info about the wrecks. (
As always diving in wrecks was pretty much a lot of sediments and it even worse when you dive with novice divers around.
Here is a video taken by my buddy. Mostly it involve my ass in the video 😛

4th day
The last day at coron island. Instead of heading back to Manila via air , I decided to use the local’s ferry cruise .
Ferry from coron to manila only available a certain days in a week. Do check in their website
I booked the tourist class. Luckily I arrive at the port very early so when the operator check me in , they gave me the lower bed.
The size of the bed is fit enough for asian. Quite small for Europian size though.
More about the beds available on the ferry here
but don’t believe the tourist class in the link. It was far different from the actual
Beds. The actual beds for tourist class was like this
There is no privacy if you got yourself the upper bed. Since I got myself the lower bed, I used the bed sheets to cover the window of my bed.
So I got a personal room for myself.
Do take note that the travel journey from Coron island to manila will take about 12 hours journey.

5th day
Arrives at manila about 6am. Take a taxi from the manila port pier 4 to SM mall of Asia. Cost about PHP800 (quite expensive) but I just
Don’t care at that point. Once reach SM Mall of Asia asked the staff for Free luggage storage. We can put all our luggage for free and
Have a hands free walkabout around it gigantic mall OR you could just head straight to the airport.

Alright then, here is a few links to help you about budget planning to coron island

Manila airport guides


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