Dive trip Perhentian Kecil Dlagoon 17th Mac-20th Mac 2016

DMT dive map and guiding skill
It finally comes to drawing a dive map and guiding the divers. I had been pending my DMT course
For months due to my sinus problem and office works.
I googled online for any tips and also asked a friend about how he did his mapping and guiding during his
DMT training.
My instructor choose to stay at Dlagoon chalet and use it dive center facilities for our task.
I dived together with another DMT so that when I dive to survey for my area, I will have a buddy with me.

Dlagoon is small lagoon with a few guest houses and a dorm. modest wooden rooms. basic toilets and with fresh water pumps
from a well nearby. no water heater. no electrical socket inside the room. sockets only at the restaurant.
only one restaurant available. to get to the other resorts at the famous long beach, you need to hike about an hour journey.
the fastest way with taxi boat which is quite pricey since the lagoon location quite distant from the other popular location.
the lagoon house reef full of healthy reefs and sands which perfect site for a beginner diver or a checkout dive.
for 4 days all the things i ate and drank written in a bill and payment only done the day i checkout from the resort.
The bill was named according to our rooms. from what i saw, this place quite famous among the mat salleh who
enjoys privacy and modesty. quiet and away from parties and noise.

Day 1 – once arrived at the chalet, we check in and started to gear up for our 1st dive around the house reef.
My instructor only did 1 dive with me and my buddy and he just there to show us what our task will be.
He then divided the reef into 2 parts for both of us. After the dive , he then proceed to teach another diver
For an advance diver course while I and my buddy carry on with doing our dive map of the reef.
I already had an idea of how my map going to be , just that trying to sketch it on a board need a lot of time to do.
Day 2 – early in the morning around 8.30am, I went for a snorkeling around the reef and took more videos of each
Distinctive things I saw from above. After the snorkeling, at around 9am I went out for another dive to assist my buddy since he
Said he needed another dive to really understand his side of the reef. After the dive , I finally decided and told my instructor
That I am going to guide and brief my dive map FOR a night dive. Whilst at the same time, will help the student Advance Diver
For her night dive speciality skill. Guiding a night dive is different from guiding during daytime.
Have to enforce on safety, the hand signal using torch, the hazardous things while at night, how to enter the water from shores
During night dive. So yeah, I don’t know why I was so confident enough to suggest a night dive for my task. Eventhough at that
Point my instructor had advise me to avoid the dive since the Advance Diver student was still having a problem with her previous
Dives. I convinced my instructor to please accept my suggestion and told him that I am confident enough and believed the student
Can overcome her problem if I guided the dive. Just for your info, the student diver had dives many occasion with me and it
Was true sometime she had a few problems while diving.
So we did the night dive and Alhamdulillah (thank you Allah) everything went smooth, even with choppy and windy shore the dive
Was a success. The student even had a good and relax buoyancy throughout the dive.
The only thing my instructor commented was the dive could have been longer and I could have been much more slower with my pace.
Ok take note on that. The night dive bottom time was 39min.
Day 3- My instructor told me to guide the divers to Temple of the sea located about 20min from DLagoon. This task require me to guide
Divers to a dive site which I didn’t have any time to survey. So how will I do my briefing. Other than that why my instructor choose temple
Of the sea was because he needed to do deep dive and multi level for the AOW student. Luckily the dive center have a sketch image of the dive site, and
I had dives a couple of time at the place so I can recall some of things about the dive site.
Alhamdulilah the dive went smooth. My instructor commented me to ascent slower when trying to go up for multi level.
After lunch , we need to do another dive to complete the AOW student skill. The diver was still having problem with it compass and navigation.
We did a dive at the police wreck. Sadly after the dive was finish, the student still unable to complete the navigation task which mean
She failed the AOW skill. I wasn’t happy with it and a bit confuse on why such a simple task but so hard for the diver to execute.
I told the student once we reach the dive center and store our gears, I want her to join me for a snorkeling. I want her to do navigation
And compass while snorkeling. I keep asking her what was her problem. I look at how she hold the compass.
I asked her again how she read the compass. We were in the water from 4.00pm till 5pm when finally I understood her problem
That she really doesn’t understand what is compass and how it function. What she understood about compass was completely
The other way around. So that was why she keep turning and turning at the same place for no reason. I solve her problem
Just by giving her a figure 292 degrees and ask her turn until she gets that number and then I told her this figure is the bearing
For our kiblat. Now look at the direction where we always prays in our room. Is it the same? And finally she got it.
She already understand how to read the compass now her arms keep on slanting and can never get the compass balance correctly.
Everytime she trying to make a square pattern it would end up like a triangle. I tried to correct her arms positioning and it keep on
Slanting pointing downward instead of straight outwards.
Out of frustration she told me that to her , her arm position was already straight she don’t understand why I keep on saying she wasn’t straight.
She then said even her office mates told her the same thing. They said every time she writes, her posture would look awkward but to her
She see It as straight. She is a left handed by the way. Then it struck me , could it be that what her brains is telling her differently than a normal
Average person would? So then I took out the compass from her arms and told her just to hold it with both of her hands. Less than a minute
She manage to the square instantly. I quickly inform my instructor and seek his approval and give her another dive next morning. I explained to him what was different about her. He was even surprised himself.
Day 4- 9.13 am , we started our morning dive and give the student 5 min to complete her navigation and compass skills and Alhamdulillah she did it. I was overjoyed until I was screaming underwater. After finished the dive, I and the student went packing our clothes and gears. We took a 4pm boat depart from the Dlagoon and went back to mainland.
So these links are only the videos for how I did my dive map. Nothing interesting

Checkout dive for mapping dive site

Checkout dive map via snorkeling

link to dlgoon http://www.dlgoon.my
make sure you give them a call. email are
very hard to reach them.

You can buy express bus ticket from TBS and ask the counter for a bus from TBS to Kuala Besut. You can even buy return ticket at the sametime. Do remember the boats from Kuala Besut to Perhentian Island start to operate from 7am till 3pm.


dlagoon compound


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