24th Feb~29th Feb 2016 : Dive Sipadan, Mabul, Kapalai, Bohey Dulang

Welcome 2016 and my 1st dive trip for this incredible year is to Sipadan, Bohey Dulang, MAntabuan, Kapalai and Mabul.
This time I joined with a group consist of snorkelers and divers.
Flight from KL to tawau took about 2hours and 45min , then we proceed on land transit from tawau airport to semporna which
Took us almost an hour. Some of us stayed at Billabong Scuba Semporna and some in Sipadan Inn.
Nothing much to do since our group arrived at semporna in the evening so just stroll around the waterfront nearby the jetty
And watched the bajaus (native sea people) selling of their catch of the day.
Most were reef fishes in many sizes and colors.
The next day 9am we were off to Bohey Dulang and Mantabuan. It took about 30min by boat.
Once arrived at the Bohey jetty, all of us snorkelers and divers must register ourselves at their main office.
After the registration, we start with our 1st dive at Froggy’s Lair Bohey.

2nd Day in Semporna Sabah (25th Feb 2016)
Our guide for the Dive was Mitch. A middle frame young man.

1st dive Froggy’s Lair Bohey Dulang,
Time: 10.25am
The viz was poor so I maintain to remain close with
My OWD buddy. The site was slope and sandy with patches of corals ,Small reef fishes and nudis.

We SI back at the jetty.

2nd Dive Coral Garden Mantabuan.
Dive guide: Mitch-
Time: 12.44pm
Mantabuan just 5min near bohey island. It is a small little island. Sandy same like Bohey.
While trying to admire the reef during the dive, suddenly we heared a very LOUD BOOM!!
At first I thought one of us had a tank problem but then came the second Loud Boom. It was
Fish bombing. It felt as if my heart was getting pounded hard.
The bombing really spoiled my mood.

Our 2nd dive was the last dive so we went back to the jetty for late lunch. After a good meal, we continue to the
Next activity which was hiking up to the top of Bohey Dulang. Take note to bring your hiking shoes or sandals.
That way you wont tear up your booties. It was a 600m sharp hike to the TOP. Almost puked back all my nice lunch out.
It took me 40min to get to the TOP. Great view indeed. The journey down was faster than the climb.
By 4pm we’re back to semporna.

The next day we check out for our inn and continue with our trip to Mabul. So for the next 4days we will be staying in
Billabong Scuba Mabul. Billabong Scuba only have 6 permits to Sipadan daily and our group had about
3 groups which entered sipadan separately each 3 days from 26~28 Feb 2016.
So once we arrived in Mabul , the 1st group was ready with their gear for their Sipadan dives.
While the other 2 groups will dive around mabul and kapalai.

In billabong scuba their dive schedule perday except for Sipadan is minimum 3 dives a day. 2 Dives in mabul and 1 Dive in Kapalai.
Dive sites will depend on customer request or the advise from the Dive Guide. All the dives whether in mabul or sipadan will start
After breakfast.
My room was basic twin sharing with no aircond and only table fan with attach bathroom. The room situated far from
The dining hall but near to the dorm. Other than that towels provided. No mirror in the room. The water supplied to the
Sink and bathroom are all salty. No freshwater unless for drinking and eating.
Since billabong scuba is something like a water chalet so guest can snorkel in front of their chalet but I advise NOT since
The water waste dumped directly below the chalets. One could get diarrhea if consume the human waste..blueeek~~
I was almost tempted everytime I look at the crystal clear water down the chalet.
At night after dinner , you can lay on the chairs and watched 3 local resident green turtles munching on the seagrass. Again
Tempted to jump in and filming their activity but passed since I saw once a human’s floating UFO passing by. UWeeeek~~

So continue on with the dives, on the 1st day in mabul we did 2 dives.

3rd Day in Mabul (26th Feb 2016)
3rd Dive PI wreck .
Dive Guides: Mitch, Yoong Foong Mei, & Ramzee
Time: 11.26am
Our group joined with another group from the Peninsular. All 8pax of them together with our group 9pax.
The water was a bit choppy due to North wind. We were guided by 3 dive guides.
Descending with large group can be time consuming. The viz was still poor. The wrecks located
At the sandy bottom. After the dive we SI for lunch at Billabong.

4Th dive Seaventures (converted oil rig platform to a resort)
Dive Guides: Mitch, Yoong Foong Mei(amei), & Ramzee
Time: 3.14pm
Since the dive site was under seaventure, 5 divers from our group ditch the dive. They don’t want to swim against the current.
Seaventure is well known for its strong current. I told my buddy that we will be doing the back roll together so that
Once on the surface I could be near her incase the surface current pushes us out from the point of entry under the seaventure.
Our dive guides had briefed us to where the location for us to descend. We were required to descend using rope already
Attach to the platform. Once under we had to fin against the current during most of the bottom time.
We exit ascend the dive via the same rope.

4th Day in Mabul (27th Feb 2016)
Our dive guides for Sipadan was Otto and James.

5th Dive South Tip (sipadan)
We found a devil ray swimming out from the sipadan wall.
One of 2 sharks swimming nearby with green turtles.
Viz was still poor

6th Dive Hanging Garden (sipadan)
Time: 11.26am
We found school of jacks

7th Dive Baracuda point (sipadan)
Time: 1.41pm
We swam in shallow water with the school of bumpheads
A few GIant travellies, a small school of barracudas.

After finished 3 dives in sipadan , we went to the chalet. I end up having another dive in mabul together with 2
OWD student. I just tagged along. The instructor was an old friend Mr Ahmat from Scubatex.

8th Dive Eel Garden (mabul)
Guided by Mr Ahmat
Time: 4.19pm
The dive was relax with no current. Saw a snake, nudi, peacock razorfish, juvi sweet lips.

5th Day in Mabul (sipadan)
On the last day of the dive only I noticed that I had make a mistake by not approaching the Dive guides with more
Friendly gesture. What I should have done was to come to the guides and ask them about the interesting creatures
That we could find with each dive sites. I saw otto (our dive guide in sipadan) and asked him about pygmy seahorse.
He told me to go to Ray’s Point and Amei knew about it. I asked Amei to take us to Ray’s point cause we want to see
The pygmy seahorse. She said ok.

9th Dive Ray’s point (mabul)
Guide: Amei and Ramzee
Amei was a good spotter. The dive was no short of spotting interesting creatures. Definitely our highlights was the pygmy not one
But two with bonus , one of it was pregnant.

10th Dive Kapalai House Reef
Time: 11.44am
Guide: Amei and Ramzee
We followed Ramzee since Amei had to entertained divers from China.
The House reef famous for its Giant Silver garupa. Sandy bottom. Artificial reef which look like a small hut.

11th Dive Lobster Wall (mabul)
Time: 2.53pm
Guide: Ramzee
The viz was poor we just dive follow the currents. With lobster wall , it famous for its right –left –right-left currents.
It can change its direction anytime. The highlight for diving at Lobster wall would be nudibranch Pikachu.

For videos please follow this link

Dive Sipadan

Dive Sipadan


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