Bidong Island and YU Island Day trips (5 dives) Terengganu

Its already near to the end of the diving season and at the last minute I saw a friend of mine posted
For a diving trip in Bidong Island and Yu island in Terengganu.
Tempted with this trip I called up my friend who is now a scuba PADI instructor in SeamonkeyDive
And asked for details of the trip. Later within a few days I was contacted by the staff of seamonkeydive
About the trip details and packages.
The trip cost me RM700 with an accommodation for 1 night and 2 days of diving. This package include
5 dives, packed lunch. Sample of the itinerary as below
Day 1 (Friday 16/9)
0900 – Depart Merang to Pulau Bidong
1030 – Dive 1
1200 – Lunch
1300 – Dive 2
1430 – Back to Merang
1530 – Arrive Merang / Free & Easy / Keropok Air Nyior

Day 2 (Saturday 17/9)
0700 – Pack breakfast / Nasi Dagang Pok We Batu Rakit
0800 – Depart Merang to P.Yu
0930 – Dive 1
1100 – Dive 2
1230 – Lunch
1330 – Dive 3
1500 – Back to Merang
1630 – Arrive Merang / Free & Easy / Keropok Air Nyior

The accommodation was in a wooden homestay cum dive shop with basic needs. 3 rooms. 2 with twin beds
And 1 with quad. There are 2 shared bathrooms complete with toilets.
The homestay facing a wide lawn to the beach.
The tricky part getting to the homestay is the junction to the homestay. Even the local
Taxi drivers may not familiar with the area. The homestay is out of view from the main road.
You can only see a small non pave road leading to the bushes.
The nearest resorts to this dive shop is Sutra Beach resort, merang resort and gem resort.

Back to the diving part.
Semonkeydive merang charter a big boat cozy enough to move around and sheltered from the hot sun.
The dive trip is on daily basis meaning the divers will come back to the mainland after finish all
The dives for the day. There is no compressor on the boat so all the tanks will be taken
From the dive shop and transport to the jetty. The jetty is about 3km from the dive shop.
After finish dives, we have to pack all the gears and bring it back to the dive shop.
So it is good to bring a mesh bag or an IKEA bag along.


1st Dive Heritage Row (bidong Island)

1st dive Heritage row
2nd Dive Skull Rock (bidong Island)

2nd dive Bt tengkorak

3rd Dive White Rock Small YU island

3rd dive Bt Putih

4th Dive Big Yu island

4th dive Pulau Yu besar

5th The lighthouse

5th Dive LightHouse

More about the Bidong Island dive site from the seamonkeydiver link

As for the Yu island very little known about it.

Videos of the dives click this link


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