Dayang/Aur Reopened 3rd April-5th April 2015

After more than a year dormant , the island reopened again to divers. I am very happy about it even though I really hate about the extra RM200 special fee to enter Taman Laut Sultan Iskandar (TLSI)
Lucky I saw a post on the FB organized by a friend and I quickly joined in before the seats all full. Expensive or not , I just want to be there. The trip was organize by siputscuba (
I was told by the group leader Lea Meng that our group will be joining another 2 group in 1 dive boat through all the dives. The other 2 groups had 2 OW students so our dive sites was pretty much suitable for OW.
On the night of 2nd April me and a friend made our way from KL to Mersing by car. Suppose our ferry from mersing depart 11pm to Dayang but due to some mishaps on the road , we only departed around 1.30am. Actually our ferry was also a big dive boat. There was around less 40 people on the boat.
We arrived at Dayang Island about 5am on Friday 3rd April. The ferry parked away from the beach and we waited for a smaller boats to take us to the beach. Only then I learned that the Dayang’s jetty was demolished by the officers of Taman Laut Sultan Iskandar to stopped from having scuba divers/LOB boats coming to the island.
I got a room for quad. I only slept an hour and got out of bed and just have a morning brisk walk by the beach. Peaceful. On the water only 3 dive boats and 2 fishing boats park in front of dayang island.
The morning breakfast served around 8.00am. We have our dive briefing during our breakfast. Each of us was given a rubber band to wear all time
On our wrist. On the rubber band mark our numbers Taman Laut Sultan Iskandar XXXX. So if by any chance the officer who work with Taman Laut Sultan Iskandar doing
Their routine check up, they will want to see the band. No band/misplace/lost will be penalized. I learned that a few weeks before
Our trip there was a Singaporean LOB boat coming in illegally to the island. All the crew and divers was stopped from continuing their dives and escorted
Back to the mainland.
Scuba divers are only allowed to do their dives from 8am-6pm buuuuut if the officer not around I guess we can dive other than the specific timing.

All together I guess the divers on the island were around 100divers together with crews and staff maybe around 140pax or so. Our diving boat only have 22divers onboard.
The dive package including the TLSI fee with 7 dives, meals for 3 days 2 nights and ferry transfer = RM1130 (not inclusive rental gears)

1st Dive 10.38am 3/3/15– Sibukang (checkout dive) – macro hunting

1st Dive Sibukang (aur Island)

Check out Dive

2nd Dive 2.28pm 3/3/15 – Lang Bay ( Lang island) – bumphead & macro hunting

2nd Dive Lang Bay

2nd DIve Lang Bay

3rd Dive 5.27pm 3/3/15 – Telok Kador (Aur Island) – macro hunting

3rd Dive Telok Kador

3rd Dive Telok Kador

4th Dive 9.21am 4/4/15 – Rayner’s Rock (Deep & Drift Dive)

4th Dive Rayner’s Rock

4th Dive Rayner’s Rock

5th Dive 12.13noon 4/4/15 – A-Rock (Lang island) – schools of yellow tail barracuda

5th Dive A-Rock (lang Island)

5th Dive A-Rock Lang Island

6th Dive 3.21pm 4/4/15 – Dayang tip (Dayang Island) – macro hunting

6th Dive Dayang tip

6th Dive Dayang Tip

7th Dive 5.51pm 4/4/15 – Lang Bay II (Lang Island – Drift Dive) saw black tip at 20m and schools of small tuna (tongkol) and a few trevally

7th Dive Lang Bay

We got attacked often with trigger fish.
Got to see the moon eclipse on the 2nd nite.
Blue sand on the beach.
Sea was calm through all dives. No choppy water at all.
The viz was clear 20m++ eventho it was waxing gibbious . Heard coral spawning over at tioman. I didn’t do any nite dives so I didn’t know.
No line coverage at all on the island due to tower faulty on Aur island. The locals have complaint to the mainland but no action taken.
I always go to bed early because other groups near to our rooms kinda loud. They brought along their portable speaker and switch it on
Loud with their disco beats.
I met new friends and they were helping a lot with my buddy since my buddy is an OW diver with less than 20 dives experience.
The Dives was enjoyable because during all the dives, I only saw fishes and not divers from the other groups or boats . Not like last time before
TLSI was established.


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