Dive Lombok Chinese New Year 19th Feb-24th Feb 2015

After my dive at Weh Island last May 2014, I did a few freshwater dives in a lake nearby my hometown and also took  a course with freediving. At the moment my deepest record for holding my breath only reach 13m. I still have a lot of problem with my equalize.

Diving in lake really different from salt water. Less weight, murky viz, a little harder to breath and smell a lot like sewer. No fishes found or any living creatures. Just grass , mud and tree stumps. The lake was a man made lake to help as a fresh water reservoir during heavy downfall and flood.

Due to the poor visibility, I always bring along a reel and torch together with compass to mark out my route.

Some of the images of the lake

Lake Dive

So this wonderful 2015, me with 4 other friends decided to heads out to Lombok during CNY holiday for our scuba diving trip.
Airasia only have 2 direct flights from KL to Lombok perday. We did some research and found that the jetty at Lombok heading towards GILIs island only
Available from 8am till 4.30pm via public transport.
More details about Lombok from here : http://www.thelombokguide.com


Hotels on the main island we book via Agoda.com. We focus to stay at Gili Trawangan since the island is the biggest and most happening compare to

Gili Air and Gili Meno. For the chalet at the island, we request with a friend to book it for us since he was going to Lombok 3 days earlier than us.
As for scuba , we used http://www.manta-dive.com/ as our Dive Operator. You guys can read more about http://www.manta-dive.com/ from http://www.alexinwanderland.com
since she did her DM With them.

Food wise should be no problem from halal to non-halal products. Prices otherwise a bit like in KL. Quite expensive. I spend around RM100 perday for food breakfast,
Lunch , ice-cream, drinks and dinner. Even a simple mee bakso dish RM9. Our mee maggi portion more than the bakso I had.
The famous food in Lombok called Ayam Teliwang. Ayam= chicken and Teliwang = Pony or something like miniature but bewarn , only those
People who can stand spicy food can eat this. I had it on the day of our arrival to Lombok and boooy was It spicy.

Below are the rough guide of my expenses, dives and itineraries
19th Feb
3pm – Flight from KL to Lombok
6pm – Arrive to Lombok. Took a taxi from airport to mataram to check in for overnite hotel http://www.pratamahotel.com. Taxi Cost = IDR190k / 4pax . While on the way stop for dinner ayam teliwang = IDR 24k with drinks.
9pm – Arrive at hotel

20th Feb
9am- check out from hotel to Bangsal Jetty (public Jetty).
9.30am – arrive at jetty . Taxi cost : IDR 250k/4pax and additional IDR25k for cidomo ( taxi horse to carry passengers and luggage). If your luggage have rollers, then you can just carry your bags and luggage
And just walk from the guardhouse of the jetty to the ticket counter. About 300m-400m walk.
10am – bought ticket at the counter for boat IDR 16k perpax and another IDR5k for conservation fee.
12noon – reach the island Gili Trawangan. Put our gears at the dive center and walk from the dive center to our little chalet.
We all decided to ditch dives that day and just have our FREE and Easy session for the whole day.
Dinner Grill seafood cost :IDR 60k perpax

It seems that Manta dive like to operate 2 dives perday. I guess they will only entertain more dives if our group was in a larger crowd.
Our group combined with new students of OW but when we dive our guide always lead us to another route away from the students.

21st Feb
8.30am- check at the dive center. Briefing. Our Guide was a local Lombok
1St dive Shark Point : We descend to shallower side of the reef. Lots of broken corals. Proof that this site is often use to bring new students. Later on the Guide took us to the deeper reef.
Viz was fairly good. No pelagic. Lots of octopus. Small reef fishes.
2.30pm – 2nd Dive Turtle Point. A slope of 45 degree with lots of corals formation. No pelagic. More than 5 green turtles sightings. All as large as a grown 5 feet diver. Before we did this dive,
The weather was very windy, with thick grey clouds and strong waves. I feel uneasy to do the dive but when I look at the instructors and the guide on board with us, they didn’t show any
Concern. So I guess the weather must be normal like this in Lombok. It was rather choppy on the surface but while we were under the water , no currents nor swell during the 1 hour bottom time.
We only knew the condition was bad when we get back to the island. We were told not to dock our boat in front of the Manta dive but was instead dock about 500m from the place.
Our gears were put on the cidomo while we have to walk back to the dive centre. Only then I saw the chaos on the island. The island was hit with a bad storm while we were diving.
Many trees with broken branches, electrical wire were on the ground. People everywhere helping out stalls broken from the storm. Worst there was no electricity. Some hotels
With their own generator have no problem providing electricity for their customers.

1st Dive Shark Point










1St Dive Shark point


2nd Dive Turtle Point


2nd Dive Turtle Poiny

22nd Feb
9.30am – 3rd Dive Halic. This dive site was better than yesterday. More colorful and healthy reef.
2.30pm – 4th Dive Manta Point. This site consider as pinnacle. Situated near to the area where the surfers do their surf. Lots of soft corals. Non manta found. Thermocline and a bit of surge and currents.

3rd Dive Halic

3rd Dive Halic

4th Dive Manta Point

4th Dive Manta Point


23rd Feb
9.44am- 5th Dive Bounty Wreck. Very shallow dive. Viz was awesome. A few big fish such as sweetlips, garopa, bumphead, and other coral fishes.
2.30pm – 6th Dive Goodheart. Can consider as a shore dive since the dive site just a few walks away. Most I could see under there was the achor where the all the boats was tied.
Not only that it seems that the place a good site for nudibranch but it was hard to even find one.

5th Dive Bounty Wreck

5th Dive Bounty Wreck

6th Dive Goodheart

6th Dive Goodheart

Every dive sites located just a few minutes from the island. There is no need to SI on the boat.
Best to avoid dive during CNY cause it is choppy season and rainy season. The weather almost like in malaysia.
So my rating for dives in the Gilis , other than its clear blue viz , the dive sites are just normal for me. Maybe I didn’t explore much.

Videos will come latr


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