Tenggol Dives 11-13 April 14

Prof booked his dives with Tenggol Beach Resort under Mr Zol dive center.
Initially he plan to have a deep dive course for 2 of his students but then they change it to leisure
Dive instead.
All divers under Prof total 10 pax. Another 2 divers joined us but they stayed at Tenggol Coral resort since there was no more room
Available at Tenggol Beach Resort. My room was triple sharing. Electricity only run from 7pm-7am. The room very basic. Don’t expect
Hot shower. At least there is aircond and fan. Bring extra batteries for your strobe and camera.
The drive from KL to Dungun took 4 hours. The boat left the jetty around 9.30am. Arrived at Tenggol 10.15am.
Start to dive by 11am.
I was feeling nausea during the dive. Didn’t get any sleep and rest. After the 1st dive I puke at the toilet. The 2nd dive was told around
2.30pm . I was too tired so I planned to skip the 2nd dive but when I was about to get to bed for a sleep, the gals told me that they changed
The time and 2nd dive will be around 4pm. I didn’t reply whether I was going or not. I just need some sleep.
During my sleep , the weather was cloudy with rain but when I woke up everything was clear with sunny skies.
By 3.30pm , my friend woke me up and my headache seemed to slow down. So I push myself for the 2nd dive.
The 2nd Dive was amazing and easy dive. The only bad thing, I still feel I want to puke. By the time I finished the dive and ascend
To the surface, I puke a lot. Prof planed to have a night dive. I skipped it.
The next day after a good rest the whole night, we off to a challenging dive site, Tokong timor. The group was divided into 2 groups.
The deep divers and the shallow divers. I and 2 of my friends choose the shallower site. The viz was amazing and dive
Was excellent. A bit of struggle after 30min of the dive.

How tenggol looks like

Video 1st dive House wreck to Turtle point

Video 2nd Dive Amazing Grace

Video 3rd Dive Tokong timor

Video 4th Dive Moonraker

Video 5th Dive Teluk Nakhoda to Gua rajawali


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