Perhentian Island 1st Mac~3rd Mac 2014

This year 2014 I began my 1st dive trip to Perhentian island. I didn’t plan at all for the trip.I saw in one of my friend in my FB List , planning to have a dive trip 1st mac till 3rd mac 14.Since I don’t have any plan over the weekend and so coincidently with payday so I just decided to join in.
My ride was Farah’s new MYvi SE. I offered to drive since farah said she not good with driving during the night.We took the road through Gombak-Bentong-Gua Musang- Kuala Krai-Kuala Besut. Total 3 cars, 5 snorkellers and 4 divers and another 3 divers will be coming the next day.The drive took us about 7 hours. Lucky I had my redbull drink to keep me awake.

Once we reached Kuala Besut , we park our car and head towards the jetty waiting for our speedboat to arrive.Took a breakfast of nasi dagang at the local stall. Around 8am we got into the boat. During the journey to the island on the speedboat, the waves was a bit Swell and the wind was strong coming from North-East.It was a very bumpy ride.

When we arrived at the Dive Center, we were greeted by a lovely-petite lady name Charlotte and a then came along a guy Name Mr Ali. He was to be our dive guide for the trip. Me and farah have to wait for our room to get ready. We arrived at the Dive center a bit early around 9.45am. Check in only available start from 2pm. So we just hang out at the DC and start to Prepare our dive gears for our 1st dive of the day.

1st Dive Site: Shark point
Date:1st Mac 14
Bottom Time:56min
Remark: After a few minutes of the dive my D6i went dead because the battery was dead. Lucky I wore another DC with me. We descend free fall the reef was quite shallow. We maintain the reef on the right. Viz was a bit poor.

2nd Dive Site: Sail Rock (local name Batu Layar)
Date:1st Mac 14
Bottom Time: 56min
Remark: Descend via buoyline. Then took 210 Degree out from the reef to the sand with articial reef. Trying to find jenkin stingray. We just swim at the edge of the reef and then on top to the staghorn corals back to the bouyline.

I was totally exhausted. Maybe because of the journey from KL to Kuala besut with no rest at all so I decide to skip the night dive.
Ended up all the rest of the divers skip their nite dive.

The next morning we waited for the next group of friends to arrive before we started the 3rd dive of the trip.

3rd Dive Site: T3 (Big)
Date:2nd Mac 14
Bottom Time: 53min
Remark: The only visible thing on the surface was a rock formation. Free descend to the bottom. The viz was very nice. We maintained the reef on right side. We swim along the reef near to the sandy bottom. We did a few swimtru from large till a small opening. There was a little bit current at the sandy bottom. We finished the dive at the bouyline.

4th Dive Site: Vietnamese Wreck
Date:2nd Mac 14
Bottom Time: 42min
Remark:Viz was poor. I broght along a dive torch. We descend via bouyline. There was no current both on surface and underwater. We follow the bouyline which end up at the wreck. We then move to the bottom to swim at the swimtru. Saw a few baracuda yellow tail.

5th Dive Site: Justice Wreck
Date:2nd Mac 14
Bottom Time:54min
Remark: 3 marine police boat sank to make artificial reef. The viz was poor. We descend using bouyline. With each boat we just navigate using the ropes the connected to all the 3 boats. I entered into the 1st boat and skip the 2 other 2 boats. There were no coral at all only sandy bottom but filled with juvenile fish such as yellow tail baracudas,yellow snappers.

Dive Operator: Universal Divers
Parking : RM5-RM7 perday
Boat mainland-Perhentian (return ticket) : RM70
The trip started during the New moon. The weather in malaysia was hot with no rainfall for a couple of weeks. End of Jan 14, malaysia was hit with cold weather minimum 17C over at the east cost and up north of malaysia. Since Jan 14 until Mac 14, malaysia has been hit with drastic changes in the weather.


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