Bali Safari Tulamben-Menjangan Island- Nusa Penida 13th~18th Sept 13

The trip was planned after I came back from PeterPan South Andaman Trip last year. This was to give time for us to plan perfectly
And have some money to save. The trip organized by Sk Sashi From The trip started from Kuta , Tulamben, Menjangan and end back in Kuta. Some of us had arrived a few days earlier before the actual trip planned. Suppose the dive packages start from 13th Sept ~ 18th Sept 13, but I insist on coming a day early. I just want to have some R&R with friends before the dives.
Took a taxi from house to the airport LCCT. Cost me RM90 cause I booked the taxi 5am. The charges is +50% from the actual charges.
Depart at 9.30am and arrives at Bali 1pm. Everything went smooth during the immigration and passed the custom without having
To go thoroughly for my diving bag. I went outside and turn to my right looking for the ticket counter.
I showed the man my hotel address and he said IDR75k. I just said ok.
Arrived at the Hotel which I booked with (RM107 pernite) Hotel Loaf Legian Bali after 20min of ride.
The taxi driver use inner road. The hotel doesn’t look spectacular from the outside but inside it was amazing.
The room was spacious, they use Eco green stuff, they have bidet toilet, they have lift so you wont have to climb the stairs
With your heavy bags, they have Coffeebean in their ext no., they have Qibla arrow for Muslim to know the direction to pray.
The only downside their very wide window. The window was facing another room next door. If I open the window panel, definitely
We can see some action and so I remain the panel shut.
Another friend coming to the hotel and sleep with me but her flight arrived around midnite.
Since the time was 2pm, I try to contact with the rest of my friends who had come earlier and check into another hotel.
Luckily for me I managed to find my way to their hotel. Took me 15min of walking.
We then planned to rent a bike and try to drive to Tanah Lot. Prof know the location so he drive in front of us and we just
Follow. Let me just say the drive was very challenging. We keep getting lost but finally we managed to arrive at tanah lot before
The sunset. Took a few wonderful pictures and back to Legian. The next day we check out but we remain our baggage at the hotel because all other participants in the trip arrived at the hotel around 10pm and 2am.
The divers had to be separated into 2 groups. The one that already arrived 10pm, off to Tulamben first and the 2nd group followed after that.
I was in the 1st group and arrived at Paradise resort Tulamben around 2am. We finally introduced with the Dive Operator Bali Scuba Pak Made and he briefed us on our dive trip. After that , I took the keys to my room and washup a little before
Going to sleep. My room mate was Ena.
I woke up early to see the sunrise from the beach side. Paradise Tulamben is a quiet place. Really nice for R&R but the room look a little old.
Our 1st until 3rd Dive of the day at USS Liberty Wreck. We started to Dive at 11am. This was due to the 2nd group only arrived at the resort
Around 4am. They need some rest before the dive. After finished our dives, we try to find some place for dinner. Lucky for us one of our member had surveyed the location and found this one restaurant called 50bar that don’t have any pork in the menu. The restaurant even have 4 chalet and a small swimming pool. I ordered nasi goreng seafood and it took 1 hour to arrive. I think perhaps they never imagined their restaurant would be stormed by 20 pax of hungry divers. They had to cook the rice again. Lucky again it was delicious.
We then stormed off to the nearest mini mart to get some mineral bottle. Do remember that Dive packages in bali often do not include
Dinner in their dive packages or in their holiday trip. So bring extra money for food. Anyhow my dinner @50bar cost me IDR45k.
The next day Sunday 15th Sept , I woke up late. Didn’t get to snap the morning sunrise. Went for breakfast and get ready to dive.
This time we dived at the Drop off and house reef. After the 4th Dives we check out from our room and left our luggage at one of our
Members room. We finished Dive 5th and 6th around 4pm. We then had to pack our gears and off to Aneka Bagus Resort and Spa Pemuteran for our
3 dives in Menjangan Island. We stopped at Lovina for dinner at the locals warong (small stall). Nasi Pecel (inside got fried chicken, soya bean, cabbage, sambal) cost me IDR12k and a bowl of bakso IDR10k. Very hungry. We arrived at the resort and Spa around 11pm.
The room was superb. It was sad that we only had to stay for a few hours and have to check out the next morning after breakfast.
Dive in Menjangan Island was very windy and a little cold. I still manage to dive wearing only jacket wetsuit. They were using
A wooden boat. I guess a wooden boat is sturdy enough to withstand the strong wind. If it was a fiber boat , I bet the boat can turned upside down.
During the dive there was a miscommunication between us and the boatman which caused us a little trouble on the choppy water surface.
The boatman didn’t stop the boat and we had to hang on tightly to the boat. I had to screamed to the boatman to stop the boat.
I didn’t scold the boatman cause I know he don’t understand how the dives operates. I think he was doing what the he was told to do.
Beside the boatman was an old man. I really don’t have the heart to scold an older person.
So finished 7th-9th dives and We back to the main island, washed ourselves briefly and on the mini bus back to Kuta for Nusa Penida dives.
We stayed at Tanaya bed and breakfast, the same hotel my friends earlier staying. At 8.30am sharp on Tuesday 17th Sept we off to Nusa Dua to
Pak Made’s Dive shop. Some of the divers need extra wetsuit for Nusa Penida cold current.
There was 4 boats waiting for us. I group with the more experience divers aka the same friends.
Our final 3 dives ended at Nusa Penida, 10th at Manta Point. The water was so choppy it made me vomit my good morning breakfast.
We managed to see 2 mantas. 11th and 12th was at Crystal, unlucky there was no Mola-Mola but the viz was magnificent.
Mostly the breakfast and lunch during the trip from 14th sept~17th Sept was provided. We just have to pay for our dinner.
The breakfast at Tanaya Bed and Breakfast was very simple. The lunch during the dives was pack in boxes and consist of rice and fried chicken with vege. As for dinners we just hang out at small warongs. Non of us had any mishap with our stomach so I’m sure the food was cleaned and cooked well.
More pix and dive tables at this link

Diving Tulamben
Those divers with knee pain or have problem with their feet has to be extra careful. Tulamben consist of lava stones that round and come in many sizes. Its very difficult to make shore entry without wearing a hard sole booties. Standing and walking on the stones is even painful and time consuming. How I wish they use a trolley made of wood or something that could make it easy for us to get the tanks into the water.
The surface can be difficult to enter during high waves. There are currents and temperature is warmer compared to Nusa Penida and Menjangan. One can dive without wearing a dive suit but there are many fire corals around the dive site so best possible wearing something protective to cover your body and don’t get too near with the corals. The sands are all black together with the stones. The USS Liberty Wreck is not that far to reach from shore. You can even snorkel to the more shallower part of the wreck.

Diving Menjangan Island.
Menjangan Island is the only protective National Park of Bali so coming into the island will have a conservation fee. Getting to the island you will get to the nearest jetty near Pemuteran. Then use a wooden boat handled by the locals to get to island which is not that far around 20min. The wooden is very simple and no toilet provided. Best you go to Mr Loo before the dives start. After the 1st dive will be SI on the boat. only on the 2nd SI, you will be docking to the island Post 1 or 2 for lunch. There will be a toilet on the island but don’t get your hopes so high for clean toilet. The viz underwater for dive sites which facing the main island Bali is a bit blurry compared to East, North and South of menjangan. The place can be very windy so bring a windbreaker and bring extra snack for your on boat SI cause the wind together with the cold underwater will have you very hungry.

Diving Nusa Penida.
Nusa Penida is no easy dive even for an experience diver. The cold and currents can have a toll on a diver.
Manta Point has strong waves and choppy waters. Try to avoid eating spicy or oily food before the dives. If you have mild motion sickness might as well take a few pills. Be prepared to have your face splash by cold seawater and the waves continously. Fill your BCD with air and try to relax by laying back on your BCD. Once underwater you will experience swaying motion of underwater currents. Just swim how the fish swim. Once the current pushes you forward, you fin forward. Once the current pushes you back, you stop finning. This is how you could save energy and avoid overexertion yourself. Try to drink ginger to keep your body regulated.
Crystal Bay is famous for its down current and it has taken many lives each year. So always be alert and listen to your Dive Guide instruction. Those guide have very strong fin power. Always be near to the corals cause the corals is the only thing that could save you when the down current suddenly happen.

I manage to find the Giant Seafan which I photographed in 2009. The seafan keep growing.

Seafan Tulamben

Bali Travel log

Every dive trip there bound to face a few problems. This time there was one diver that come alone in the trip. I looked at everyone of the divers and it turn out to be most of them come in a group except for this one lady. I try to friendly with her and lucky she seemed nice. Later on when we were dived into groups, the lady was in the same group as my group. I looked at her and seemed that most of us has buddy except her so I told her to buddy in 3 together with me and my buddy. When I entered the water for the 1st dive , I noticed that she had difficulty trying to gear up while making her way to the water. Not only that when she finally reached the water
she was a bit struggling on the surface. She was breathing hard. I maintain eye contact with her and keep asking whether she ok or not. Once she got use to it, all of us ready to descend. She was finning fast and went all over the place. She didn’t maintain herself to be in a group and did not maintain to be at certain level. I had to watch her while at the same time watching over my buddy who was bz taking pictures. There were dives she didn’t do any safety stop at all. Until finally during a dive at the Tulamben Drop off when she was at the front together with Prof, something had happened which led the prof to come to me and told me that she had shown a sign of narcosis at depth 30m and the prof wanted her to skip the next dive. She was then advise by the organizer but the organizer also do not feel it was right for him to stop her from diving. All up to her. She then decide to dive again. This time she maintain to be in the group when underwater. She was already an advance diver but from the way she was diving probably she was still not that experience with her skills. She actually struggling with herself and her gears but she didn’t try to express her concern to us. Perhaps she doesn’t want to burden us with her problems. She wanted to show that she was ok and she didn’t need any help.

Another problem I faced was my reg. I had difficulty to inhale at depth shallower than 7m and when I tried to turn the know to +(ve) when I dive deep, the reg became free flow. It made me really uneasy to breath. I had to turn to my octopus instead. Lucky I didn’t decide to use a cheap octopus as my gears.

Updated on 7th Oct
I come across a light reading on 15 worst scenarios when scuba diving. Now i understand why i felt a little bit hard and problem during the dive at Bali. My reg and my mind was tuned to warm water dive.
Scenario: Regulator Freeflow
Everything is going fine when suddenly your regulator erupts, spewing out the contents of your cylinder.

Risk Factor: Difficulty breathing, rapid exhaustion of breathing air supply.

Likely Causes: Regulator problems such as freeflow generally stem from poor regulator maintenance and are made worse by moisture in the cylinder and cold-water temperatures. As compressed air expands in the regulator, the temperature drops, which can cause moisture in the air to freeze. This in turn can unseat a valve. As regulators get cold from air expansion, ice can form on exterior components as well. Incorrectly set interstage pressure can also make a regulator prone to freeflow.

Avoidance: Proper maintenance is critical to regulator reliability. Regulators should be properly rinsed/soaked, to prevent the buildup of salt and mineral deposits that can foul up the valves. Rinse or soak your regulator after each dive, and have it serviced by a professional technician annually Before diving in cold water, make certain that the regulator has been serviced for cold water, and that the cylinder has been properly serviced and filled.

Dealing With It: While it is often possible to continue breathing from a free-flowing regulator, some divers will experience difficulty due to the torrent of bubbles. If breathing from the free-flowing regulator is not possible, switch to a redundant air source or share air with a buddy. Shut off the cylinder valve to conserve air and stop the bubbling, and make a controlled, normal ascent to the surface. You may need to orally inflate your BC if the cylinder air has been turned off.

Uodate: 9th Nov 13
Send the reg to fix. The technician later on found out that actually my Mi-flex hose has broken from the inside the hose. It’s rubber broke into smaller pieces and filled up the hole of the 2nd stage which then block the air from coming out when I inhale. The 2nd stage diaphragm also caused a problem.
Changed the mi-flex hose, diaphragm. All of it cost me RM234. The mi-flex alone cost me 1/2 of the total cost.

Miflex hose broken into smaller pieces from the inside.

Miflex hose broken into smaller pieces from the inside.

More good info
-don’t take taxi by asking the people dress in blue color at the airport. You have to go to the counter ticket. my frenz had to pay IDR150k for their ride airport to legian street. The price should be between IDR55k~IDR75k (50 bar restaurant in tulamben and bedroom) ( from aneka to menjangan jetty take about another 1/2 hour ride)
Dive Operator: (in Bali) and (in Malaysia)


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