Diving at Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia

The environment , Crowded full of people, unclean toilets, need to Q for food, lack of fresh water. Hated it. This kind of scene the same as Pulau Payar Langkawi.
For underwater it was a different story. Florish with corals and marine life but the corals were filled with debris. It is because the marine park is quite near to the mainland. Still the viz can consider to be good for that day. I did only 3 dives. I just want to feel how diving at TAR looks like. I booked my dive with Sabah Divers. Sabah divers not only sells dive trips but they make other tour arrangement too. They also provide service equipment for dive gears. We booked RM250 for 3 dives including gears. Need to give deposit RM60 for the mask. Minus lunch and pickup at the hotel.
Other dive operators offer pickup from the hotel, lunch BBQ, and 2 dives perday. My advise if you plan to do a day trip dive to TAR with Sabah Divers or any operators that didn’t include lunch,
-make sure in the morning you go to the bathroom before heading to the island.
-Bring your own pack of snacks for SI between 1st dive and 2nd dive and also pack your own lunch coz I went to the island’s café and it took me ages
For the food arrives and I only ordered a fried kuetiaw. Same goes with the drinks. When I say ages, I do mean ages. No bluffing here.
-bring a pair of dry clothes cause after the 3rd dive , the boat will not go back to the island. They will direct back to the mainland jetty and
You have to change into your dry clothes at the jetty. After that you need to walk back to the Sabah Divers office which located at the Wisma Sabah.
You will have to pass Suria KK and walk along the main road. Else you will be like my fren in his towel.
This time I didn’t bring with me any of my gears. All were rented with Sabah Divers.
They use regular snorkeling mask, scubapro regulator, scubapro T-One BCD and Problue fin. I use 3 weights for the dive.
T-one BCD very simple and I use the size S. When underwater there was no need to make any adjustment with the BCD. I feel comfortable wearing it. Just that the air seems to be accumalate around the waistline so in order for me to purge out all the air from the BCD , i have to
be very straight, held my left hand upward and purge. I rarely do this with my TUSA passage.
As for the regulator I forgot what model it was. All I can remember I need to open my mouth very wide to fit the mouthpiece.
Finning was ok but I don’t feel the thrust. I used to fin with my jetfin so with this problue I feel as if I didn’t wear any fin at all.
I just fin slowly. The DM was wearing another type of fin. A hard type, so when he kick it looks like he was moving faster than we were.
I just remain my slow pace. He has to wait for us.
My review about Sabah Divers, the guide Mr Hassan was not a talkative person but he was a very good guide by pointing at interesting creatures he saw to us. The boat was comfy since there was only the 3 of us as their customer that day. The downside need to walk back to the office from the jetty.
The reason we have to go back to the office was because i gave my deposit for the mask. So if i want my money back i have to go to the office. That is how they work. If you have your own mask, there is no need to go back to the office.
Other than Sabah Divers i think Divedownbelow.com offers interesting packages too. Ranging from budget to luxury.
They even have their own dive center at Pulau Gaya which mean you will not suffer for having bad toilets and long Q for food and refreshment.
Dive Operator used: http://www.sabahdivers.com
other Dive Operator: http://www.divedownbelow.com/sabah-travel-centre/accommodation/budget-hotel-package/#prices


1st dive
2nd dive
Suluk Island
Memutik Dive
Mamutik Island


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