I decided to try Pulau Payar and accepted the invitation from a friend in Kedah to dive there with East marine.
I took a bus. Depart around 10.30pm on Friday and arrived to Sg Petani the next morning.
Stayed over at the friend’s house for 2 nights. The family was very nice and polite people and they made me feel welcomed.
We then start our journey to Penang by car and met up another friend at the marina jetty.
We depart to Pulau Payar on board a ferry together with other local and foreign tourist at about 9am.
Around noon we finally arrived to P. Payar. Diving at Pulau Payar considered as very pricey.
I didn’t bring with me any dive gears cause the dive package inclusive diving gears.
Pulau Payar has a big shaded platform that can accommodate hundreds of people on it. The place was very crowded.
It has many tables so when we got there we had to mark one of the table as our place to put our bags and other belongings.
The changing room was crowded so we had to wait in Q to change into our wetsuit. In the platform itself has an underwater deck.So anyone who didn’t feel very secure swimming or snorkeling outside can just walk into the deck.
Its not that deep. Just google in the internet for “ Pulau Payar Platform” and you can find many blogs with pictures about Pulau payar. You can also get to PPayar from Langkawi island itself.

Good links to check out
Marine park website: http://www.dmpm.nre.gov.my/ptl_kedah.html?uweb=jtl
Operators : http://www.langkawicoral.com/tour-services.php

Diving Pulau Payar you can see a lot of marine life but you will also see lots of green visibility. Dive can be 10m -20m viz at average. Some places have current and some not. Most divers who had been to payar will not consider to dive there again. Mainly due to the visibility. Though I heard a few stories from the marine park officer themselves that they saw whalesharks just a few hundred meters and whales. They even have awesome visibility in certain months and weather. I guess for them they are lucky but for us divers who couldn’t stay for more than 3days on a deserted island unless for work, might not be so lucky.

1st Dive Japanese Garden
Date: 9th Aug 08
remark: unlucky for me the 1st 5min we lost the guide. When we entered the water, i could only see green with 2-3m viz. It was hard to keep up with the other divers. Me and buddy lost sight of the other divers cause they were kinda moving so fast.
Suddenly after a turning to the left i could see the clown fish inside an anemone was struggling to swim against the current. Signal to the buddy that its better to surface since the condition was poor and i’m not very comfortable with the situation. Once we surfaced i couldn’t see anyone or any boats. We were like facing the open sea. We try to swim directing ourselves closer to the island so that we wont get swept away. After long 15m-20min or so we finally saw the dive boat. The DM said where were we? The DM showed the location where they surfaced and it was not that far from our current location. When i did this dive , i was on my 54th dive log. So i’m still a newbie and still not familiar with the navigation. Furthermore i dont have any watch or dive comp.

2nd Dive Platform Reef
Date: 9th Aug 08
Time: I didnt record the time but it was definitely after our lunch.
Depth: 21m
Bottom Time: 50min
Remark: The dive site was near and close to the platform so we could see many of the snorkelers above.
Viz still poor but better than before.


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