Bali was my 1st oversea dive trip. Contacting the dive operator was easy. I made a few online searches and asked a few dive operators for best deals. Finally i decided to use Absolute Scuba for the trip.
I got Airasia good deals to Bali return ticket at RM116 inclusive luggage. I stayed for 5days 4nights but only 2 days of diving and the rest were Free and Easy around the island.

I arrived at Bali around 6pm so there was no time to walk around. We just rest at our hotel. Our hotel
Puri Gopa at Sanur was amazing though one bad side was my room located at the top of the hotel and it was like 4 floors to climb.
I had to drag my dive bag all the way up. It has no elevators or lifts. The bell boy was bz carrying my friends luggages.
The air and breeze outside the hotel was cold. The locals said the breeze was from cold wind of Australia.
At night i had to turn off the aircondition and just open the window pane. It was already cold enough.
The next morning we got up early for breakfast. Saw pork in the menu so i just drank coffee, loaf of bread with butter and eggs minus the sausages.8am the dive operator was waiting for us at the lobby. We got on a pickup and then head towards
to the beach. It was so near. we could walked to the beach. Then we knew that our hotel was just a walking distance
to the beach. When i tried to get on the boat, i could feel the coldness of the water. My goodness the water was freezing like an ice cold. Me and my frenz hope that our 3mm thick wetsuit can help to keep us warm.
Our target for the trip was to see the MOLA-MOLA. We headed for Nusa Penida. We must see mola-mola cause we wont have that chance after this. The next day we will be doing Tulamben Wreck dive. Our package was only 6dives and the cost was RM950 include hotels and transportation but exclude the dive gears. We borught our own.

1st Dive: Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida, Bali
Date: 31st July 2009
Depth: 28meter
Bottom Time: 30min
Time: 9.27am
Remark: The journey from Sanur to Crystal Bay took us about 45min. I was amazed on how big the waves were at the sea. At that point i imagined myself holding up a SMB in the middle of the sea. I really dont think a boat can see my SMB with this high wave.The ocean floor must be very deep. I wish the boat wont have any problem. Now about the dive site. Crystal bay is like a lagoon. The boats dock where the sea was more calmer. Once i back roll i could feel the coldness of the sea seeping into my wetsuit. The DM told us that we had to swim to a bouy not far from us and from there we will swim underwater to the cleaning station of the Mola-mola. Unlucky for us the current was strong and the DM even saw the mola-mola but it went down to the deep immeadiately after it noticed our presence. My buddies showed their low on air. Quite a surprised cause we just 30min underwater. So the 1st dive no Mola-mola seen. There were lot of hardcorals and reef fishes around but i wasnt paying attention to them. My eyes were preying for mola-mola

2nd Dive: Peed Point, Nusa Penida, Bali
Date: 31st July 2009
Depth: 21meter
Bottom Time: 42min
Time: 11.44am
Remark: From this site we could see the Mt Agung from afar. A majestic view. We could also see puri on the beach of Nusa Penida island. The DM look at the water surface and then he threw a rope. We could see the rope was a float straight to the back of our boat. Which mean current. The DM told us that once we back roll ,quickly hold the line. My buddy offer to go first. Once he took hold of the line he open his regulator and said “the current strong” so i have to make a quick action too when i back roll. After all have entered the water , we all let go of the rope. It was a drift dive and a very fast one. We couldn’t stop at all to admire the scenary and still no mola-mola

By this time our hope for a mola-mola was thin. I could see that the DM even frustrated not able to show the mola-mola to us. He instruct to the boatman to go back to crystal bay. While waiting for the next dive, we ate our lunch nasi padang.
When we got back to the dive site, the DM asked to the other DM that was on the other boats. They signaled and inform they saw mola-mola. So we quickly geared up and went down.

3rd Dive: Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida, Bali
Date: 31st July 2009
Bottom Time: 35min
Time: 1.45pm
Remark: There was current while on the way to the cleaning point. My right palm got scrape on the hardcorals and bleeds.
i ignored the pain and just continue on the dive. Then when we finally reached the cleaning station, there it was 3 Mola-mola in a trans. 3 different sizes. The incredible thing was there were only us and no other divers from other operators. It was just us. The view was for us. we have all the 20min with the mola-mola for ourselves. There was no current at all. i try getting near to one of the mola-mola not to spook it. I had to control my bubble to a tiny-tiny bubble. I could it see very clearly. It was just 3m apart from me. How cool was that. 3m underwater is different from 3m on land. 3m underwater seems more closer and larger. Finally when we had enough , i bid my goodbye and we move back to the boats. That was when we come across the other divers. Lucky for us. We get on the boat with smiling faces and happy laughters. We finally got to see what we want.

4th Dive: Drop off Tulamben, Bali
Date: 1st Aug 2009
Depth: 23meter
Bottom Time: 48min
Time: 10.45am
Remark: from Sanur to tulamben need at least 2 hours of drive along the padi terraces and side of the mountains. Once we arrived at Tulamben , there wasn’t any public toilet so we had to use the hotel’s near there to change to our wetsuit. The water in tulamben was a lot warmer. I find it difficult to walk on the small lava stones on the beach when trying to get into the water with our dive gears on. I could see the drop off with huge gregorian sea fan. The sands were black so it easy to spot macro life.

5th Dive: Tulamben Wreck, Bali
Date: 1st Aug 2009
Depth: 23meter
Bottom Time: 46min
Time: 1.24pm
Remark: The wreck was quite large but we didnt get to the deeper side. We swim inside and outside of the wreck. Large groupers, school of jacks, and barracudas seen. mantis shrimp, puffer fish, stingray, garden eel and ornate ghost pipe fish.

6th Dive: Tulamben Wreck, Bali
Date: 1st Aug 2009
Depth: 25meter
Bottom Time: 45min
Time: 3.33pm
Remark: We continue on to explore the wreck.

After finish our dives trip, the next day we decided to enjoy the scenary of Bali. We went to Kintamani, Ubud, Tanah Lot watched kecak-kecak dance and had an incredible dinner at Jimbaran, chilling at Hardrock and shopping spree at Legian.

This year 2013 Sept 13th~18th , i will be going back to Bali. To make a new wonderful memories. This time i’ll be doing, Nusa Penida, Tulamben and Menjangan.




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