There is no need for me to explain about Sipadan. It is well known through out the world.
The plan was suppose to be me and a few friends of mine but then more and more friends got excited to join the trip.
Finally there was a total of 12 divers joined the trip. I booked with Billabong scuba and lialise with Mr Faizal.
We did a total of 14 dives and had to separate the group into 2 boats.
Since getting into sipadan has a limitation for divers so the 2 groups had to alternate each day.
While one group entered sipadan, the 2nd group will dive some where around kapalai or mabul.
I managed to request with Billabong to allow us 2 days sipadan entry.
So it was a 6days 5nights and 14 dives with 2 days sipadan entry. LOVE IT
My DM was johnny(who now working at Puerto Galera @ Badlazdiving and Hm Haekal.

The group gathered at LCCT 6am and we took the 1st flight on 5th February 2009 at LCCT to Tawau.
Reached at Tawau at 10.30am and ride a van to Sempoarna around 1hour journey.
At sempoarna meet up with Mr Faizal and he informed us that soon there will a jetty surcharge to every customer
using the jetty. 45mins later we arrived at Billabong Scuba Mabul. The place back then was totally different
from now. Once we reached the chalet, we geared up , took lunch and do check out dives.

The Logs:
Time: 2.50pm
Date: 5th feb 2009
Depth: 20.6meter
Bottom time: 44min
Note: Once entered the water on surface, the o-ring got burst. The guide change the o-ring while i waited on the
surface of the water. Since the BCD and wetsuit aint wet enough so i had difficulty with descending. There was mild current.
This site is artificial reef with pyranid formation.

Date:5th Feb 2009
Bottom time: 38min
Note: Wall ding and drift diving.Briefing told that the diver suppoesed to be 15m. While on the boat my buddy’s o-ring bursted. While getting ready to descent, one diver from my group lost her buddy i told her to dive with us. While descending the diver had ear equalize problem and my buddy descent too fast to deep due to down current. Thanks to clear visibility i could see my buddy about send to deep and her breathing was fast when she found we were no where to be seen. She didnt look up. I had to dive against current while waiting for the diver with me settled her equalize problem. At last my buddy saw me and we meet up at 15m. Later we met up with the group back.

DEPTH: 27.6m
Note: The other group entered sipadan so my group was doing mabul diving. The current was mild strong. Start to the deepest depth and follow current with the reef on the right. Then keep to the shallow and the current then change to the left side of the reef.

Date: 6th Feb 09
TIME: 11.04am
Depth: 18.1meter
Bottom Time: 51min
Note: Lots of marine life. Saw a very giant baracuda alone. Ribbon eel, leaf scorpion fish, morray. we were caught up with current while safety stop.

Dive 5: Kapalai House Reef
Date: 6th Feb 09
Time: 2.17pm
Depth: 22.6meter
Bottom Time: 48min
Note: The 1st time we heared a low BOMB! We thought it was one of our o-ring bursted. The DM informed OK no worry and continued on the dive. Found Ornate ghost pipe fish, Giant Garopa in silver patches color.Mantis Shrimp. The house reef was look like a small frame wooden house. A lot nudibranch found on the algea grew on the wood.

Dive 6: Barracuda Point (Sipadan)
Date: 7th Feb 09
Time; 6.46am
Depth: 42.1m
Bottom time: 42min
Note:We woke up at 5am. We already planned to go to the deep. It took quite a while cause i had second thought about going to deep. Green turtles was everywhere. Shark white tip was everywhere. Barracudas and jacks.Healthy corals. Healthy Gregorian Sea Fan at depth more than 20meter. After the dive my deco limit showed 3min at 42m.

Dive 7: Coral Garden (Sipadan)
Date: 7th Feb 09
Time: 8.43am
Depth: 31.3meter
Bottom Time: 46min
Note: Since my 1st deep dive showed deco limit 3min so this time i didn’t manage to stay long. My average dive was around 14.8meter.

Dive 8: South Point (Sipadan)
Date: 7th Feb 09
Time: 11.00am
Depth: 26.1meter
Bottom Time: 51min
Note: Average dive 13.7meter

Dive 9: Stingray City (mabul)
Date: 8th Feb 09
Time: 10.15am
Depth: 25.6meter
Bottom Time: 43min
Note: The dives was easy. Didn’t found any stingray. Garden eels, Orang utan crab, Stone fish, trigger fish. Saw the local bajau fishing.

Dive 10: Seaventures House Reef
Date: 8th Feb 09
Time: 12.29noon
Depth: 17.5meter
Bottom Time: 40min
Note:This time our purposed was to find a pygmy seahorse. We were informed by one of the Billabong DM on the location of the pygmy seahorse.The seafan was quite big and the seahorse often grip at a certain location of the seafam. We were told to look for a seafan that have a cable tight. The DM was not assigned with our group so he told our DM about the location too. It was time consuming when all of us was searching every inch of the seafan for the pygmy and we finally saw it. Heard the story that the pygmy had died after a year due to stress from photographers.

Dive 11: Paradise II (Mabul)
Date: 8th Feb 09
Time: 2.53pm
Depth: 14.6meter
Bottom Time: 51min
Note: The dive was easy. We didn’t get to see the mandarin fish cause the time was still early. Many macro stuff in this dive site.

Dive 12: South Point (sipadan)
Date: 9th Feb 09
Time: 8.52am
Depth: 27meter
Bottom Time: 51min
Note: We just dive follow the current.

Dive 13: Barracuda Point (Sipadan)
Date: 9th Feb 09
Time: 11.02am
Depth: 22.6meter
Bottom Time: 50min
Note: We drift dive untiil Coral Garden(dive site)

Dive 14: Drop Off (Sipadan)
Date: 9th Feb 09
Time: 1.21pm
Depth: 28.6meter
Bottom Time: 47min
Note: We get to enter the entrance of The Turtle Cave. The entrance was around 19m.

Dive Operator:http://billabongscuba.com/
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/353177729930/
Flight: Airasia http://www.airasia.com.my

Sipadan Dive


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