I decided to share some of the past amazing dive sites i had been too. Maybe some of the infos could help for
other travellers or divers to make plans for their next trip.

I went to this dive resort back in 12th Jan 2007. The 1st Dive trip as OW diver. I was still out with my bouyancy. Both of my hands still pushing the water in order to manuever myself to keep my bouyancy stable. Me together with 5 of my frenz took a package with Planet Scuba In Bangsar for a 4day 3nights dive package ex-tawau airport.
We manage to book ourselves with RM60 return air ticket AirAsia from LCCT to Tawau. Back then AirAsia was still trying to make a brand of themselves so ticket was very cheap even not during promotion days. We even didn’t have the eagerness to go to sipadan and we were not well-verse about the awesomeness of Sipadan.
On 12th Jan 2007- our flight was 7.30am and we arrived at Tawau 10.30am. A van already waited for us. The journey from the airport to the jetty getting to RRR took us about 1 hour. We arrived to a fisherman village. From there we get into a boat and move to the resort. Roach Reef Resort was actually a man-made island. Its’ small island and there was around 10 chalets each with twin occupancy. The journey on the boat was around 45min. Its quite near to the mainland. When we finally arrived to the resort, the 1st sight of it was breathtaking. It has a 100m wooden jetty stretch out from the islands. The water around the island was emerald green shallow sandy bottom with patches of coral and lots of cardinal fishes taking refuge under the jetty. We were greeted by a japanese lady (sadly i forgot her name) and she introduced herself as the guide and the care taker of the resort.She guided us to the resort’s dining hall and there she briefed us about the Roach Reef Resort rules and guidelines. We noticed that on the island was all us. There was no other divers. No other customers. Just the 6 of us and the staffs. It was amazing. She gave us the keys to our rooms. My chalet located just next to the dining hall. When i get into the room, two single beds side by side, a window with a view of the sea outside, 2 chairs with a coffee table and attach toilet. Towel provided. We noticed later that the water we use for baths were seawater and some of our drinks do tasted salty. Making coffee or tea just wont do it. Had to drink chocolate in order to cover that salty taste. RRR do provide pure drinking water. We couldn’t walk barefooted cause the sands was not sand exactly. They were broken and dead corals. RRR run by a generator. The generator only operated from 7pm-7am. The chalets were line in 2 rows and face to face with each other. RRR planted many palms trees to make it looked more like an oasis. They put up a few hammocks hanging between the palms for customers sit and hang loose. The dining hall was a dry area so we need to change from our wetsuit before getting into the dining hall. The menu during breakfast/lunch/snacks/dinner was amazing since they only cater for us. The cook said since we were malaysian so they cooked malaysian menu. If there was any foreigners around, they would normally cooked american breakfast and so on.
The view getting up in the morning in a tiny man-made island, calm sky, emerald green water and having it with your closest friends for 5days 4nights was a memory worth while. We were miles away from civilazation. We wake up, get breakfast, get ready to dive, have lunch and dive again and then ending the evening sitting at the porch of our chalet having tea or coffee and talking about the things we saw during the dives waiting until the sun go down. Our laughters, jokes and stories filled the island. The dining hall has no windows or doors so when we ate we have natural winds blowing slowly to cool us off. RRR was the excellent choice for our 1st dive trip as OW diver. Actually from all 6 only 4 of us were divers and from 4 only 1 of us were Advance Diver. The DM (japanese lady) informed us that she would only take us to dive sites that only valid for OW. That was a bummer!

The logs
1st Dive :RRR House Reef (check out dive)
Time: 2.30pm
Date: 12th Jan 2007
Bottom time: 45min
Depth: 13m.
Water entry: Shore dive from the jetty.
Note: Sandy bottom with patches of corals.

2nd Dive: Twin Peaks
Date: 12th Jan 2007
Time: 4.30pm
Bottom Time: 40min
Depth :13m
Water entry : Boat dive
Note: The viz was mild and green. Found sweetlips and few other reef fishes.

3rd Dive: The Corner
Date: 13th Jan 2007
Time: 9.00am
Depth: 18m
Bottom time: 45min
Water entry : Boat dive
Note: The dive site was a slope around 45 Degree. We manage to see a Tuna and Schools of Bumphead fish

4th Dive: Midrock
Date: 13th Jan 2007
Time: 11.30am
Depth: 17m
Bottom Time: 45min
Water Entry: Boat dive
Note: Filled with hardcorals.

5th Dive: Twin peak
Date: 13th Jan 2007
Time: 3.00pm
Depth: 15m
Bottom Time: 50min

6th Dive: House Reef (Dawn Dive)
Date: 14th Jan 2007
Time: 6.00am
Depth: 18m
Bottom time: 45min
Water Entry: Boat dive
Note: This time we didn’t entry from the jetty instead we get a little bit farther at the edge of the house reef.

7th Dive: Corner
Date: 14th Jan 2007
Time: 8.30am
Bottom time: 45min
Depth: 17m

8th Dive: Barracuda Point (last dive)
Date: 14th Jan 2007
Time: 11.30pm
Depth : 10m
Bottom time: 50min
Water Entry: Boat Dive
Note: We finally found schools of Barracuda.

These are video links to certain dive sites at RRR but the videos dated way back in 2005.

As i recall RRR can also arrange Sipadan diving trip from their place which took about 45min by speedboat. It seems that RRR operated only with agents and dive operators. I am not sure whether their contact in their internet website are
Address : TB 4330, Lot 10, Block 31 & 32,
Jalan Merdeka 2,
Fajar Comm Compleks,
91000 Tawau,
Sabah, Malaysia.
Phone : +6089 779332
Fax : +6089 757135
Email : info@roachreefsresort.com
Website : http://www.roachreefsresort.com
Roach reef resort


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