On 27th Apr 2013 Sat, i drove my car to the LCCT parking lot which only cost RM16 perday. I arrived to the lot to early around 9.15am and the only lot available was located so far away. Had to walk more than 15min from the parking lot to the departure hall. My flight was 1pm , i just thought that i had nothing to at home so might as well get pack and go.
Check in my dive bag and then get thru to the gate. The rest of the group arrived to LCCT around 11am. Met up with them and the organizer Mentari Scuba at the gate. The flight was on schedule and 2 hours 30min later we arrived at MIri. I even saw patches of corals from above. After custom and taken our bags, we waited for another 1 diver whom was on a different plane which MAS. There will be another diver but his flight will be the last flight from KL. There was already a pickup van waiting for us. The journey from the airport to the guesthouse took us around 20min ride. This time we were diving with COCO Dive Miri and staying at COCO guesthouse. I stayed from 27th Apr- 1st May 13.
The package RM850 inclusive :-
Dinner (27th Apr-28th-29th), breakfast (28th-29th-30th),lunch(28th-29th-30th)
Dorm style bed from 27th-1st May13
8 boat dive (exclude dive gears)
On the arrival day , we didnt do any dives so we just Free and Easy around town. The town, mall, starbucks, cinema, CBTL are just 10min walking distance. After the walked, we head for our dorms. The next day we get ready at 8.30am. The guesthouse to the jetty took us 20min.
Diving Miri for me consider as easy diving. Most of the dive sites are shallow and this provide more longer bottom time for divers. The main problems are the viz and the weather.
The shallow dive sites has green visibility but that doesn’t mean they are not worth to dive. I managed to come across bumpheads, baracuda, batfish, and many other school of fishes within these shallow dive sites. The farther dive sites offer blue and good visibility but the journey from the jetty to the dive site may take more than 35min by speedboat. If the weather suddenly have lightning, the dives will be abort. If the water is too choppy the dives will be abort. There are no tiny islands to take refuge so for safety reason had to go back to the mainland.
My logs were
28th Apr 13: Sunday Reef, Siwa Reef
29th Apr 13: Anemone Garden, Ataga Maru Wreck, Eve’s Garden
30th Apr 13: Santak Reef(deep dive), Kenyalang Oil rig, Grace Ginger
pictures at this link

Diving with Coco dive you will feel safe. Ros Kelly the Asst Mngr, Racheal and Jack will be the guides for the dive trips. They have Oxygen Unit on-board on each dive trips. They put extra tank at 5m depth when i did the deep dive at Santak Reef. Just in case someone out of air during the safety stop.

Thanks to Mentari Scuba Mr Ben and Ms Jade for organizing this trip.

Organizer: http://www.mentariscuba.com.my

dive operator : http://www.cocodive.com.my/


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