1st Dive Trip of Year 2013 Kg Genting Tioman Island 9th Mac 2013 ~ 11th Mac 2013

3 of my office mates decided to do their OW course. They signed up with Scubatex(www.scubatexpro.com) last year Promo for SDI OW RM990.They got snorkel, mask and fin included in their package. Finally this year they start for the course.They did their pool training session at Kompleks Sukan Negara (previously known as Panasonic Sport Center) in shah alam Seksyen 21. The pool was run by a company called D’swim. Scubatex rented tanks and weight with them. The pool is Olympic size 50mx17m.

After the pool session and theory classes , finally the Open sea trip. The group has 10 open water students, 1 AOW+ Rescue Course and 4 leisure divers including me. Me, prof Azhar and Ena meet up at Kajang and car pool in ena’s car. We use the road fm Kajang~LEKAS highway to Seremban and then go to Kuala pilah- Bandar Jempol-Muadzam Shah – finally to Tjg gemok Kuala Rompin. We stop over at Kuala Pilah for dinner of delicious fried Kuew tiaw cook using charcoal. Very aromatic. We arrive there around 9pm. 9.45pm we start to move. Arrive at Tjg Gemok and meet up with another buddy Lyd Zarin. We stay for the night at a budget hotel Mei Wah. Very cheap for 2 rooms cost us RM100 so 1 person paid RM25. The budget hotel really near to the jetty. Can walk to the jetty if u bring light luggage. You will pass shop lots before entering the gate to the jetty. You can have your morning breakfast at the shop lots.

The ferry to tioman move 11am. So we had a lot of time to chit chat. I met up with Capten Joe , captain of the black pearl LOB together with wife. I also Met up with Pak Manap the head of mersing marine park. Previously he was the director of the tioman marine park. Surprise he was there. He actually want to meet up with capten Joe. After the breakfast we head back to the jetty. The place was getting crowded by the time reach 11am. After getting in the ferry and get cozy with our seats, in the middle of the journey I smelled something bad. The girl sitting beside me and Ena was puking. The ferry was a little bit faster and the sea was a little bit choppy. Seems that many people were  puking that time. Lucky inside the Ferry installed auto aromatic fragrance.

We reached tioman kg genting at around 1.30pm. We stayed at Damai Tioman resort.  Me, ena, lyd stayed in one room with basic requirement. Hot shower, attach toilet, Aircond and 2 Queen size bed. Beside the Damai Tioman Resort restaurant is Island Message Dive Center own by a diver name Jimmy. Quite a small person. The Instructor for OW students is Jerung(http://www.facebook.com/#!/jerung.liar) and his DM is Syahrul or nickname Baiya (http://www.facebook.com/#!/syahrul.shahrudin). For us leisure divers our Guide is Mat Komando. After had our lunch and setting up gears , the OW student was briefed again about the gears and we leisure divers do our 1st dive at House reef. The 1st night we did nothing. We just follow the OW students for their video session and classes. The dinner at the resort was great. We had BBQ dinner. Squid, chicken wings, marinated lamb.

I wasn’t all good during the trip. I just recovered from a hi-fever on Thursday but I was still running with flu. My 1st dive a bit terrible. I couldn’t equalize. Took me quite a time and maybe I get a little bit chubby cause I struggle to descend. Normally 3 weights is enough for me.
Drive From KL-Kuala Pilah – Muadzam- Kuala Rompin: 5 hours (90kmh speed)
Parking rate at Jetty Tanjong gemok (kuala Rompin) : RM5perday
Marine park fee : RM5
Ferry ticket : RM70 (round trip but the fee already included in the package)
Damai Tioman Resort( Tripple sharing) with A/cond & basic room attch toilet : RM270
Meal included for 3days 2night ( 2 lunch x 1 dinner x 1 BBQ dinner x 2 breakfast x 2 snacks after lunch)
Dives : RM150 (got a speacial frenz rate 🙂 for more detail of pricing (http://www.islandmessagedivecentre.com/package.html)
My damage in total = RM425 (not included car+tol+parking) stil it all less than RM600











Diving organizer: http://www.scubatexpro.com
Dive Operator : http://islandmessagedivecentre.com/
Another Dive Operator operating together with Scubatex:http://www.scubastation.com.my/, http://www.bayudivecenter.com/‎


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