South Andaman the final dive trip for 2012

It was truely a wonderful dive trip. I managed to completed 14 dives around the area of South Andaman. The journey started on the 9th Nov till it ended on 13th Nov. We stayed overnite @ Phuket town to allow us No flight time. Again, this time i joined SK scuba who work together with Tim Ho and using LOB Peterpan cruise for the trip.

All of us in the group from KL were Shana, Fuzz, Lyd,Ena, Prof Azhar, Sk scuba and me. Prof Azhar arrived at Phuket 1 day earlier than us. The rest of us met up at AirAsia ( LCCT terminal on board flight 8pm on fri 9th nov to Phuket. Once arrived, an MPV already waiting for us for pickup. This time the journey from the terminal to the marina jetty was not that far compare to North Andaman. We made a pit stop at a local mart to buy some goodies. When we arrived to jetty we need to get on a dingy to get ourselves on board the big boat. The boat was docking side by side with the other big boats. When i stepped onto Peterpan, i saw familiar and new faces of the crews. Rut the boatmaster greeted us with a happy face and then tim and prof azhar.

We were then headed for the lounge area to be brief about the rules and regulation on the boat during the trip. After briefing, we get ourselves some dinner. I brought along my sambal and sambal daging which i cooked the nite before. Prof azhar and rut who already ate couldn’t resist the food temptation layout in front of them. Lyd was also bringing her stock with her. Bird chilies, meat floss, Sardine tins, and few limes. We ate together like a picnic. Rut was even amazed after tasting my sambals. Later we were then shown to our bedroom. This time i got myself a better location for my bedroom. Tim managed to book the sea view room for me. Supposed lyd was my room mate but then she got upgraded to the VIP room together with Ena after paying another extra RM100 each. Well then i got more privacy for myself.

The next morning i woke up at 4am. The view outside was still dark. I waited until the first sign of dawn and got myself out to the top deck, waiting to take pictures of the 1st day break on board peterpan. Suddenly prof Azhar joined me. Around 7am we get down to the canteen area. Rut was already woke up. It was his duty to wake up every divers for wake up call.

Normal routine would be
7am: wake up call & light breakfast (which would be bread/butter/jams) and cookies provided by Peterpan)
8am: 1st dive
9am: breakfast (either western or local’s food)
11.30 am: 2nd dive
1.00pm: Lunch (either western or local’s food)
3.00pm: 3rd Dive
4.30pm: Evening snacks
6.30pm: 4th Dive (night dive)
8.00pm: Dinner

IMG_2787 (Large)Now for the dive logs at this link

During choppy waters the crews was so efficient with their work they even open our fins underwater

For me both North and South Andaman have their own spectacular dive sites to offer. Each have its own uniqueness. My rating would be

for marvellous visibility: North Andaman

for spectacular topography: South Andaman

Top dive sites to go at North Andaman, my fav would be Koh Tachai and its area, Richilieu Rock, Elephant rock.

As for South Andaman, my fav spots are Hin Muang & Deang, Koh Bida Nok, Koh Haa Yai, Koh Haa Neua


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