I admit that every 1st dive I did in my dive trips , I do feel giddy/nervous. I think it is because of the age factor.
I can become in a panic mode within the 1st 15sec of the dive but then calm down after a while.
This normally happen when I go for LOB trip. As for island trip, I usually will plunge down myself by swimming near the beach first before
The 1st dive. With LOB I cant do that. LOB boats can only dock near a jetty or a place which is deep enough for the boat. Definitely
Wont be at 1meter depth.

I admit most of the time I forgot that my dives are suppose to be recreational. I dived fighting currents. I dived even when I have a mild headache.
I dived even when I’m hungry. I dived even when the viz was poor. I dived even when it was raining. I dived even when I know it was
still monsoon season.

But please don’t judge me 100% base on my posting here. I am not a reckless diver. I don’t plan to suffer my buddy and rest of the divers in the group.
Do you think all the national geographic explorer play it safe when they shoot those scene for us to watch? Some dives with the sharks to explain
The sharks behavior. I understand that the explorers are expert compare to me but they are human and we all know human do make mistakes.
Even with an army of back up divers, chambers, O2 and medical assistance, when something goes wrong, it will go wrong.


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love to dive very much
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