As plan all the divers meet up with the organizer Jade and Kapten Ben of Mentari Scuba at LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) within 1 hours before the flight. There was 17 divers and 3 non-divers .All of us were me,lyd, prof azhar,jade, kapten ben, azrin, khalid, hanif and wife, bee fang and ck, irsyad and 2 lady frens, tiur and ann, aznida and zul, rosie and partner. Our Flight which was Cebu Air scheduled to depart at 1am but then there was a delay to 1.30am and addition to that suddenly there was a heavy rain fall. We had to use the umbrella to get into the plane. Soaked in rain plus the cold aircond and seat no last seat at the back really didn’t help at all with the sleep during the flight.

Around 5.30am we touched down at the Manila Low Cost airport. We had to climb some stairs from the plane to get into the airport building. Once inside another half an hour Q at the custom check in. They were very particular and asking a lot of questions. I look for any smiling officer to make my check in run smoother. There were many international tourist from Korea and Japan lining up with us at that hour. Then we head off for our luggage. After that we had to go thru the custom declaration. Lucky the lady officer was very nice , she only asked for one of the dive bags to open for inspection and since lyd’s luggage was the easiest to open so she open her’s. Outside our ride was already waiting for us. There was 3 van waiting for us. From the terminal to the private jetty near Batangas took us another 1 hour journey by highway. Along the way i could see many banana trees and also a mountain. The wooden boat was very comfy but no aircond and no soft cushion. I try to find a place where i could lay flat and sleep and
i found it just beside the boat’s wheel. Another 45min on sea and we arrived at the Pinoy beach jetty. The 1st thing i saw was the spectacular view of the Puerto Galera mountain. It was indeed a breathtaking sight. The jetty located strategicly in a lagoon. It is safe from harsh wind and any tsunami (if that happens). We get down from the boat , straight to the budget resort cafe. It seemed that we have to climb stairs to get to our room from the cafe. Lucky it was’nt like a 3 storey climb up. Before we get into our rooms, we were briefed on the house rules and safety measures. Suddenly i saw a familiar face. A dark short hair pinoy guy came into the cafe smiling and greeting us happily. I kept telling myself ” i know this guy but from where”. Suddenly an image came to mind. SIPADAN. Yes this guy was my guide during my sipadan trip 2009.The time i did my 1st deepest dive 42m at baracuda point. Then Jade told me “its Johny”. She noticed my blurry reaction when saw Johnny. Johnny said after quitting from Billabong, he worked with Mike whom i knew from previous sipadan to be his Gf. We were then given the keys to each our room. The room all facing the lagoon. My room had a single queen bed which i had to share with my buddy. The room is equip with TV complete with HBO and star movies, aircond(a very old fashion aircon which need a key to switch on), a 360 ceiling fan, attached toilet. The toilet and bathroom was a little bit small for a size M like me. Im sure a larger person than me would find it a little unconfortable.
Now it is time for me to tell about my dive loq at PG.
1st dive Sabang Wreck
time: 1.38pm
date: 27.04.12
bottom time: 53min
water temp: 28C
Comment: The site is a sandy bottom. The wreck was not that big. This was a check out dive so need to adjust with the environment. Lucky for me i added another 1kg into my weights so i didn’t at all have any bouyancy problem.
Marines; Scorpion fish, coral fishes, small mantis shrimp.

2nd dive Secret Bay
Time: 3.42pm
date: 27.04.12
bottom time:48min
water temp:28C
Comment: This site is a macro heaven. Its sandy bottom with seaweed grass. The viz is poor around this area. It is because the dive site is within the lagoon area.Means no strong currents. Lots of seahorse the length of an adult thumb.
Marines: Anemone shrimp, seahorse, flamboyant cuttle fish,cowfish, cockoo scorpion fish, nudis.

3rd Dive Alma Jayne Wreck
bottom time:45min
water temp: 28C
Comment: This wreck is a steel wreck much bigger than the day before. I even swim into the wreck. Many coral fishes and nudis. We had only a few minutes at deep about 15min and we had to ascend slowly to the shallow water. More nudis, macro and frogfish
Marines: Frogfish, robust pipefish, nudis

SI: we relax on a floating bar just in front of the white beach. It was called bikini bar. The bar tender was a little pinoy lady wearing pink mini bikini. There were a few bikinis nailed at the bar for shows.

4th Dive West Escarcio
Time: 11.23am
date: 28.04.12
bottom time: 40min
water temp: 28c
Comment: I started to feel nausea and i puke around 30min of the dive. Still i maintain calm underwater.There was mild current when trying to take pix of a pygmy seahorse.
Marines: Pygmy seahorse, big nudi jorunna, soft corals.

SI: back to the jetty/pier/resort Badladz cafe for lunch. I didnt ate much for lunch. Due to my unhealthy condition, i aborted 2 of the dives that day after lunch. The sites which i didn’t dive was Monkey Bay and Giant Clam.

5th Dive Drop off Pinnacle Verde Island
date: 29.04.12
bottom time: 51min
depth: 32.6m
Water Temp: 29C
Comment: The viz was 30+m im sure cause when i was at 32m i still could see down deep and above. The corals were colorful. Not so many big fishes like the one in sipadan. There was no currents at all. Verde island dives is famous for current but on that day there wasn’t any. Was lucky for us.
Marines: Octopus, Oriental Sweetlips, Seasnake, Lion fish. nudis, a few trevallies.

SI: We Si on the boat while munching some snacks which we bought the night earlier at a mini market.

Dive 6th Coral Garden Verde Island.
time: 11.10am
date: 29.04.12
Depth: 24.9m
bottom time: 53min
water temp: 29C
Comment: when we dive at the pinnacle we enter at the drop off and exit at the coral garden. This time we enter from the coral garden and exit near to the drop off.

SI: We had our lunch at the Verde Island itself. There is a picnic place or small hut designated for every dive operator to have their lunch with their divers. After lunch we head back to our main island Puerto Galera to have our 3rd dive. The journey fm Verde to PG took 45min. A nice time to have a short nap. Halfway to the main island i could feel the boat was struggling to fight the surface currents.

7th Dive Secret Bay
date: 29.04.12
time: 4.26pm
depth: 18.2m
water temp: 28C
bottom time: 57min
Comment: Viz was still poor but once at the deep everything seems to be fine.
Marines: Hairy frogfish, mimic wonderpus octopus,

8th DIve Giant Clam (nite dive)
date: 29.04.12
Time: 7.04pm
bottom time: 54min
depth: 16.2m
water temp: 28C
Comment: an awesome night dive. This place more vibrant during night. More marines were found
Marine: Giant frogfish, hairy frogfish, stingray, pygmy scorpion, seahorse, cowry, nudis, filefish.

9th Dive Manila Straits
date: 30.04.12
time: 9.58am
bottom time: 60min
depth: 23.7m
water temp: 29C
Comment: First thing i saw was a wall of current about 5 feet high and then the sandy bottom with a soft corals.
Marine: the highlight was Rhinopias. i got separated from the group about 45min from the dive. I was about to panic cause the viz suddenly not that good. I cant see any of them. I tried to calm down and just went to the corals for shallow water. During my panic attack , a turtle passby which made me calmer a little bit. After about 5min then i saw the group again.

10th Dive Giant Clam (last dive)
date: 30.04.12
time: 12.05pm
bottom time: 67min
depth: 16.8m
water temp: 29C
Comment: Again i got separated from the group around 60min of the dive. While they were bz taking pix near the Giant clam, i turned to the shallow abt 3m and found myself a pipefish.
Marine: Giant Clams, pipefish, nudis, trigger fish.

The night life at PG was all massage, drink and bar, seafood all the things that you can find at Phuket Patong beach. I just went to the white Beach and sabang beach. I didn’t spend anytime on the following nights to any other beaches.

White Beach
Redang’s island beach sand in terengganu are more finer than White Beach and Sabang’s. Lots of T-shirt with label same like a Starbuck symbols can be found here. The t-shirt cost around USD2.

Sabang Beach
lots of bars, dive centers, massage parlor.

Our Dive Operator : Badladz Adventure.


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