DIVE MADA 13th Apr 2012 – 15th Apr 2012

Happy to return to Redang again.
I did 5 dives all are boat dives and snorkel at the house reef. Amazingly while snorkel I bumped to a turtle 1/2m long and a bumphead the same length as the turtle.
Both munching on the corals. Surprised by my presence , they ran off away from me.

Blessed from the skies , my 3D2N trips was all sunny and calm weather through all the dives. Dive Mada was a charity dives held and organized by me to help
Contribute for the family member of a dear friend and also was a teacher to me named Mr Adam Abdul Rahman. May Allah SWT put him with all the syahada.
Late Adam passed away due to complication with his diabetes on 18th Nov 2011, in which the same date as by birthday. Now 18th has been a symbol of sadness for me.

Anyhow back to diving , lucky for me half of my group members were already at KT a day before we entered the Redang Island. So they had enough rest and fit for the dives.
All together there were 8 divers, 4 hardcore and 4 novice divers. I had made arrangement with Redang’s Dive Centre personnel Ms Michelle a month earlier
To cater a boat for my group. Our group was lead by a friend of mine Dr Prof Azhar Husin who is an instructor but he was also a first timer for Redang’s dive site.
The dive centre was full house during my trip so I told the dive centre that we will not be needing their DM. Their instructor and DM was already too occupied with
Students , walkin customers and so on. I just requested their DM to advise me and my instructor about each of the dive sites that I planned to go with the group.
The usual thing that I would ask
1)if in the morning where is the best place to dive. Same goes for the afternoon. This is because of the tide and currents.
2) any interesting creatures to see. Macro or big stuff.
3) since I have a novice divers in the group so I ask about currents whether strong or mild.
4) trigger fish nest
5) descend by bouy line or free fall

With novice divers, I briefed them back about the usual stuff that even we as senior divers often made mistake or tend to forget. Buddy check.
After everything went smooth preparing and checking our gears , we geared up and off to the boat for our dives.

The first dive I took the group to an easy site. I just want the novice divers to get into the dive mode easily and away from having any panic attack.
Kerengge Besar Island. I inform the divers about our bottom time cause I want us to have at least 1 hour SI before getting to the 2nd dive.
1st Dive site: Kerengge Besar Island
Since this was a check out dive so my attention all the novice divers. The hardcore was in front while the novice stay close to me. Occasionally from time to time
Checking on their condition while taking a few pictures which interest me. Marine highlight : Blue Spotted Stingray.

2nd Dive Site : Paku Kecil Island
I know Paku Kecil is no easy dive. I am also aware of the occasional choppy waters and mild-strong currents at the island but I want these divers to experience it. I talked
With Chris and Josh the DM of redang bay and I told them that I plan to have an early morning dive the next day so which is the best place to go.
They told me head for Terumbu Kili cause every morning dive , definitely will see the school of bumphead fish at the site. I am also aware of the strong currents at Terumbu Kili.
I cant have the novice divers struggling the strong currents in the morning next day without any preparation . I need to do something so they know how to handle currents.
Other than that it was already late in the afternoon my dive will start somewhere around 5pm and we need to have short journey on boat. I don’t want the divers
To get tired on the boat during the journey trip. That was why I choose Paku kecil for the 2nd dive. Mild-Strong current and deep with a little choppy water and just less than
5min by boat.
Marine Highlight:
Near to the end of the dive we experinced strong currents we were all swept away so we abort the dive.

3rd Dive Site : Terumbu Kili
All the 8 of us were so punctual with time. I told them to be ready at the DC by 8am and they arrived 7.45am , finished gear up by 8am. The boat only leaves at 8.30am.
Since there was surface currents so I told them to head for the bouyline. Descend using bouyline. Badluck for me my mask slip and drop to the coral.
Good news for me it was just 3m down. Another good news for me the mask was easy to spot cause of my yellowish snorkel. So retrieved and continue dive.
By the time all of descend , we were swept by currents. My instructor fren was already at safe zone , I turned around and saw the rest of the divers was swept to the channel.
No can do . I cant leave these divers. One of the novice diver was still on the surface having difficulty to descend. We were still not that deep at around 5m.
I made the decision to leave the instructor and just follow the currents together with the rest of the divers. I instruct the diver who was still on the surface to give all his got
And try to fin down. I remain eye contact with him so that he know I’m watching him. Another way of showing remain calm and don’t panic cause I’m here.
At the end of the channel , I finally see the reef to get away from the currents. I know leaving the instructor alone was selfish but he is an instructor. I’m sure he knows how
To take care of himself. I waited for him but after one minute still no sign of him so we proceed on to check out the reef. During my briefing with Marina the Redang bay intructor,
She told me to finished the dive at the place where we was right now and I can see why cause there was nothing there. Just a little reef and then many algea. So I made the decision
To head back to the strong currents , past the channel to get to the next reef. By the time we were near currents, I signaled the divers to wait for me while I check out the currents
And ways to pass it. I stayed close to the sand and broken corals. I saw some of the big fishes gliding against the currents above me. I already can see the reefs on my left.
I signaled the divers to do the same like what I did. All of them followed one by one. We reached the big reef. No currents and easy dive.
All of us scattered but within distance reach. Then suddenly we met a few other divers and there was prof. I signaled him “ bad boy where have you been”.
I took a few pictures and I was so into a nudibranch until I didn’t notice prof banging his tank to signal me the school of bumphead passby on top of me.
Darn that nudibranch. The rest of the divers saw it. Prof managed to get its picture from a distant.
Marine highlight: Nudibranch, schools of razor fishes, Giant morray, rainbow runner, schools of bumphead

4th Dive Site : Mak Cantik
The divers had enough with currents. It took them quite the energy. So I asked Josh where is the next best dive site at 11am.
He told me to go to Mak Cantik. Not so strong currents and have bouyline which was at the sandy bottom.
So it is. The descend was easy though I still have some problem with my equalize. It took me quite sometime. The rest of the divers
Already reached the end of the bouyline and were looking at a nudibranch.
Then we swim near to sand slowly and then up to the corals. The coral reef pinnacle was quite large. By the time we reached 38min bottom time
I signaled the divers to prepare for ascend. Another 3 divers was with Prof over at the other side.
I plan to head back to the bouyline for the safety stop. The boat was already tied to the bouyline.
Everyone was having fun and managed to dive more than 50min bottom time

5th Dive Site: Sharon stone(stinger reef)
I really really wanted to have a dive at Sharon stone. My last visit there in March was awesome. I want to go there and I was so sure the rest of the
Divers would feel the same like I do. The problem was the boatman was new and he was not that familiarize with the site. The site don’t have
Any bouyline and this site situated at the middle of boat traffic.
I asked Josh whether his group of divers heading that way. He told me he need to check with the divers. He will get back to me after lunch.
The site was one of his favourite too. After lunch I went to see him and he said OK. Yesss!
I told my group that we will be heading to Sharon Stone. When we up on the boat , I thought josh will be coming in another boat instead he was
Together with us. The rest of his group didn’t plan to do any dive and so he joined us.
By the time we reached the place , Josh jump into the water first cause he was also unable to determine the exact spot. He then signaled ok to us.
One problem while the boatman was busy helping us backroll , the boat was left with engine off and so its moves following the currents. So one by one
Had to paddle back to where josh was waiting. Once I enterred the water , I didn’t swim to Josh and the group. I waited for Faridah to jump into the water.
I know she also unconfortable to fight the surface currents. When she reached me we need about another 20feet to where the group was waiting.
I told her to keep finning slowly. At the sametime I reached at the 1st stage and pull her slowly. Till now she didn’t know I towed her. I wanted her to feel
That she can do it. She braced the strong currents at maldives, raja ampat, komodo before so I’m sure she can handle redang’s currents just fine.
I took the precautions of taking the bearing to where the group was. Just in case she don’t want to swim on her back and she wanted to descend early , at least I already have the
Bearing to find the group. Finally we reached them and we start to descend.
I saw the patches of coral reefs under me. I head straight to rocks and corals holes. Between it I saw the camel shrimp. I showed the divers. Then saw morrays. Anemone shrimp and so on.
I tried looking under the table corals to look for stone fish but non found.
Marine Highlight: Jenkins stingray, blue spotted stingray, camel shrimp, anemone shrimp, pipe fish, morrays.

After the dives a few members agreed Sharon Stone was the best site. I was happy with their comments. It seems that all of them were satisfied with the programme.
They were hoping to have another dives at Redang one day. The only thing that all of us find hard to accept was the journey from the DC to the boat and so on.
I don’t know why but I feel as if the Redang bay’s tank are more heavier than the other dive centre I have been with. Walking thru the sand and then climbing those
Redang bay’s staircase was agony.


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