A word so strong from an email letter which i received from the GM of Redang Beach Resort himself. I wrote to them after my 3days 2 nights weekend trip to the resort.
The reason was because of a picture taken by a friend of mine while they were on a snorkelling trip. I wasn’t with them at that time because i was busy diving.
I wasn’t happy at all after looking at the picture cause I did remember during the briefing, the snorkeling guides have said and informed to the snorkelers ” NOT TO TOUCH, HARRAS, STEP ON, TAKE ANY MARINES ANIMALS OR CORALS” while snorkeling. To my disappointment, this picture pop up while i was scrolling around the album. I understand one thing, the guide was doing it to please the customer. Trying to wow! the customer with the wonderful and exotic creatures of the sea. They definitely do not want to harm anything or anyone. Though something has to be done. What they did , was not right.
So i use this picture and send a complaint email letter to the resort, hoping that they will take alert and try to conduct good manners towards the marine ecosystem of Redang.
—–Original Message—–
From: tschan@hotelsentral.]
Sent: Friday, March 09, 2012 3:10 PM
To: z.sharn

Good afternoon Reen,
Thank you for your constructive feedback. As a diver myself,
I fully agree with you that we should not harass the fragile
marine life and ecosystem. I had reinforced to my team again
to “practice what we preach” and I ensure this will not
happen again. I truly apologize for this incident. Do look
me up when you visit Redang Beach Resort next, and perhaps
we can have a dive together. Good day to you.

TS Chan
General manager
Redang Beach Resort

—– Original Message —–
> —————————————-
> From: zsharn
> Sent: Wednesday, March 07, 2012 12:15 PM
> To:
> Dear Redang Beach Resort,
> I have just come back from a
> vacation 3days 2nights from your resort last weekend.Your
> service, the room, the food, all are great but I have to
> complain on the action from one of your guide snorkeler. I
> am sure he did it just to make the customers feel happy
> with their service but for me, it is an act that could
> Destroy the natural beauty of Redang. It reflect negative
> image on how the locals treat Redang’s natural Beauty
> without respect.Please find attach a picture taken by one
> of my friend. It clearly show that one of your guide has
> pick up This nudibranch from the sea floor or coral. This
> kind of behavior that leads to customer or foreign tourist
> To destroy our environment. If your guide show good
> behavior and good practice towards the marine
> ecosystem.The tourist will do the same too.Yes I
> understand your guides have informed and brief to
> AND CORALS”But words without action does not go anywhere.
> I hope your side will co nduct more lesson and appropriate
> good manner to all of your guides in the future.I am an
> active diver and this action will reflect negative views
> about your resort. Reen
> [Attachment: DSCN2595 (Small).JPG]

At the long beach, they even put up a sign saying “no fins are allowed”. My friends asked me whether we need to wear the fins or not while snorkelling in front of the resort since we already saw the signboard. I simply said wear it. It was very unsensative of me. Scolding other people for not practise what they preach , while i was doing the samething. I had my own reason. My friends are soon to be divers. I want them to respect natures by not abusing them the wrong way. Showing and appreciate the beauty , the good way. Try to fin by not kicking the corals. Appreciate snorkeling by not stepping on the corals and yes i reach my goal. They can’t wait to venture into deeper water.


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