I love going here when they open for the season. Of course the sea is still choppy but once you get into diving a couple or more years, you’ll get the feeling in ur gut when is to dive and when is unsafe to dive.
I just cant wait to plunge myself into the sea.

I only did 2 dives when I was there. I didn’t plan to dive at all. The plan was just to snorkel and try to get away fm the bz life.

The 1st day arrived at Jetty Shahbandar, it was raining non stop the whole day even when we reached Redang.Dull really dull.

The 2nd day, the sun came out and so I did 2 dives before going for snorkeling at the marine park in the afternoon after lunch.

Dive Site (Sharon Stone) some call it Stinger Reef
Free Descent no bouy line
This site is a number of rocks spread over the sandy bottom.
Its location is on the way to the marine park. The closest chalet to the dive location is Wisana Resort.
Since this is a sandy bottom, finning on the sand is not allowed 😉

1st dive
Max depth: 18.3m
Viz :15m
Time: 9.05am
Date: 4th mac
Bottom time: 41min

Things underwater: Blue-spotted stingray,  transparent anemone shrimp, banded coral shrimp(quite a lot of them), camel shrimp( Rhynchocinetes Durbanensis),Stone fish (quite large and healthy, of course many coral fishes

2nd dive
Max depth: 17.9m
Viz :15m
Time: 10.59am
Date: 4th Mac
Bottom time: 43min

Things underwater: This time saw the brown stingray(half a meter wide, long cant see cause the thing was under a coral),Golden trevally, turtle, scorpion fish, tiger cowry with it’s mantel on.

The guide was really play it safe. When the bottom time reached 35min he already gave signal to safety stop.Well I cant argue or complaint. Being a guide is hard work. Spending time in Redang have its punctuality with time.If you miss the lunch time, you wont get any meal. So they are kinda strict with their schedule.I used Redang Beach Resort dive Centre. The receptionist Mr Dollah was very kind to elobrate on the details. Pricing wise among the dive centers in long beach are not so different at all. I know they will give better pricing when you are a regular customer with the resort.  Less than 4 dives they charge RM90 perdive. Equipment rental (BCD+REg) RM30 perusage and RM50 perday (meaning if you have 3 dives perday , they’ll cost you RM50). Since I already had my fins and mask so I just rent the reg and bcd.

I was hooked up with another diver from Singapore Mr Leang. We talked and he said he already did 60dives and plan to do advanced in the island. I surprised. I told him it was good of him to do Advanced after 60dives cause fm  most Singaporean divers I’ve met, they go for crash course OW+AOW together. He brought along an Olympus camera. So the 1st dive was only the 4 of me, Mr Leang, Mr Zuki (the Guide) and Mr Joe (asst. guide). I think Joe is still new in the business. He was taking care of me a lot. Always check out on me, whether I’m ok or not.

Then we go for SI near the kg nelayan Redang jetty. Another 2 divers joined us from KL. They were using the Berjaya air fm subang Selangor.

I enjoyed these 2 dives very much. The divers were good with their buoyancy and so no one was kicking the sand.No current at all, the viz was nice, the site was fully ours.The fishes, rays and even the turtle didn’t bother running away fm us.The more reason I love diving in Redang beginning of the open season. Redang packages normally will be cheap in mac and September. The weather during these months are pretty unstable.


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