My set of dive gears

1 pair of atomic split fin red in color (2006)
1 pair of scubapro jet fin (2010)
1 set of Aqualung micron with m-flex hose (2009)
1 jacket BCD TUSA PASSAGE (2009)
1 Akona hood (2010)
1 Full wetsuit Mares Lady Tropical 3mm (2006)
1 Jacket wetsuit 3/2mm custom-made from HotwavePhuket(2012)
1 pair aqualine high cut booties (2006)
4 sets of mask MARES(2006), OCEANIC(2008),IST(2009), ATOMIC(2010)
1 spool (18m long) (2010)
1 SMB orange color (2010)
1 writing slate (2009)
2 sets of dive torch (non-LED) (2010)
3 sets of dive comp, Swatch Fun-Scuba(2007), Sunnto Octopus II(2009), Sunnto D6i(2012)

I am going for technical dives and so my wish list will be
Dive wings – Halcyon or Dive rite
Regulator – Poseidon or another High-end Aqualung

I just don’t know how soon can I save my money for technical class.


About mydivelogstatus

love to dive very much
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