Tioman retreat 13th-15th July 2018

The weather was a bit a hazy while on the way to the island from the Tanjung Gemuk jetty. Once the ferry arrived at one of the village which was kg paya, i saw a pod of dolphins swimming really close to the jetty.A taxi boat was following the pods slowly. It caused the dolphins to swim underwater so that they could get away from the boat. My stop was salang jetty as always. The time was around 10+am so we walked to the chalet with our bags. Puteri salang inn was rather far behind and closer to the jungle than the sea but it still just a 5 min walking distance to 3 dive centers and also to the sea.Plus the care taker Mr Eddy was very helpful and friendly. Our room was ready even when we arrived before check in time, which supposed to be in the afternoon. We took a nap for a few minutes before heading out for lunch. My favourite lunch place was salang indah restaurant and for dinner the restaurant near to dive asia tioman dive center.
enough of that and straight to the pictures. You can see a short video showing an amazing emerald water. the place called teluk bakau a sanctuary for the smaller sharks and other marine life. Shallow and ideal for si and snorkelling. The rest of the pictures were snapshots of corals.
I did 3 dives and one of it was a night dive. It was ages since i did my last night dive so i was really looking forward for it. Thanks to #scubanautdivecenter and the kind dive guide #idivewithryan , i managed to dive as chill as i can and stayed underwater for 60min. If it wasn’t for the 27°C , i could have stayed another 15-20min more cause i still got of air and bottom time left.

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Octodiver Perhentian Island

Took Sani Express from #terminalbersepaduselatan and arrived the next morning at #kualabesutterminalbus station around 6am. Then got a taxi and less than 5mins arrived at the #kualabesutjetty. On the boat from the jetty to #perhentianisland was choppy so the trip was a bit longer than usual. The boatman dropped at the Awana resort jetty Teluk dalam. From there walked a bit to the #octodivers dive centre. I stayed for 3 days and 2 nites at #cavercovepulauperhentian resort. The room was spacious with only beds ,air conditioning and bathroom attached. Forgotten to take the room pics.
The dive centre well organized, simple refreshments provided such as breads, biscuits, coffee and tea. All self-service. Their in house instructors and DM are well versed in English.
One of the instructor called Fred gave the best dive briefing. It had been quite sometime since I last praised a dive guide about their briefing. I’m not sure about others but dive briefing is very important to me especially about the hazards and the sea condition whether the viz going to be good or bad.
I did 5 dives 1st #batukapal and exit at the #sharkpoint
2nd #policewreck 3rd #tanjungbotong #telukpauh #batulayar.
The waters was choppy so it was not advisable to dive far from the island.
#scubadivingmalaysia #terengganu

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Me and 2 other divers decided to take a day dive trip over the weekend. Drive from KL to Kuala Dungun Via gombak -> karak -> LPT higway-> Exit Kuala Dungun. We drove at about 9.30pm Friday night after work and reached kuala Dungun u at about 1.30am on Saturday morning. This time i decide just to have 1 day of diving with ScubaNetwork Tenggol. As a first timer guest for scubanetwork, me and 2 other frenz of mine was welcomed by the soft-spoken Mr Sabri the caretaker of the dc and also the guesthouse. Since it was our 1st time with scubanetwork so we do not know how they operates. After checking in to our room, Mr Sabri informed us that we have to prepare our gears into the basket he provided that very morning and a short briefing about what to prepare before we depart to tenggol. At almost 2am and after 5 hours of drive, all I could think about was a pillow and a cozy bed to tuck into but then again for a dc to operates from the mainland back and forth to the island, I’m sure they need to prepare all the stuff as early as possible.
We put all the gears in our baskets, sign our liability forms, and listened to Mr Sabri briefing us about the time for breakfast and our time to depart from the dc to the jetty.
He also mentioned about setting up our dive gears for us in the boat so that everything will be ready once we arrived at the jetty.
At first I declined saying that often when other setting up for me, my 1st stage keep hitting on my head but then after a few seconds I accepted his suggestion.Because if I let them do it, the operation will be even smoother rather than having them waiting for me to setup the gears in the boat. Just imagine a boat size enough to fit with max 10-12 divers, with divers moving here and there setting up gears at the same time.
Yeah, just let them do it and i just check again after they setup for me.
After the briefing at around 2.45am , the 3 of us of to bed.
By 6 am we woke up, do our solat subuh and 7am we greeted by Mr Sabri and he told us to take our breakfast at the nearby local stall. Less than 2 minutes of walk we reach to a busy stall filled with lots of local delacacies. The food was tempting, I had to remind myself not to eat too many so that i wont feel nausy during the dive.
7.30 am we finished our meal and head back to the guesthouse. A van already waited for us to drive us to the jetty. It wasn’t just the 3 of us, we were joined together with another 3 divers from Johor. They were in the guesthouse with us too. Once we reached to the jetty there were other boats from other DC also about to start their journey to the island. We didn’t move right away. We waited for the other 3 divers from Johor to set up their gears. They choose to set their gears themselves. The time was already 8.45am, thank goodness i change my mind this morning about letting the staff set the gears up for me.
9am the boat start to move to the island. The water surface was calm and smooth ,not a bumpy ride at all. 9.45am we reached our 1st dive site of the Day, Tokong Timur. I just couldn’t resist jumping in looking at how calm the water, also i was about to pee myself.
ScubaNetwork provide 2 guides for us and 2 staff on the boat. 1 guide to bring the Advance divers , 1 guide to bring the Open water , 1 staff to assist divers on the boat and the boatman. We listened to the briefing given by Mr Azman the instructor of ScubaNetwork who is also the boss himself. As soon as we entered the water, oh my i could see other divers from other DC already down below at 20meters. The viz was crystal clear. Magnificent. As usual my left ear had difficulty equalizing. There was no current at all. We dive casually till we reached 30meter. Again the dive was amazing.
Later on scubanetwork brought us to the island for SI and a little refreshment at the restaurant on the island. While we were SI onland, the staff helped to set the gears for us. After 40min, we off to the 2nd Dive site Teluk Nakhoda, this site is famous for Nudibranch sightings. I looked into the horizon and saw dark clouds were forming and it moving fast but not towards us. It was heading towards the mainland. Still it made the surrounding looked dark. Nevertheless as we entered the water, the viz was still good at around 20meters. Only thing, it was hard for us to detect smaller nudis. As we ascend from the dive , i noticed surge at 7meter. We did our safety stop. On the surface, the water choppy enough for us to get into the boat. For a season diver like me, easy for me to take off my gears and straight onto the ladder but for Open water divers, they like to hang on tightly to the ladder or to the side of the boat. When the boat went up and down , the diver’s mask will get splashed by water and panic mode will start to kick in. This time i saw how fast and calm the staff onboard assist the open water diver. He called himself ayahcik. Quite a funny man too. One of the diver by accident, had her thumb clamped by the ladder. Ayahcik tried to calm her and made some jokes to take her off her mind from the pain. We SI and lunched on the island at the same restaurant. The staff brought the diver some ice pack to cool off the pain at her thumb.
We arrived at the restaurant at around 1pm, so by the time we reached the food counter, half of the menu already finished. The lunch was buffet. There were still some food left like chicken and veges. The restaurant actually operate for Tenggol 101 DC and so the buffet was for tenggol 101 dc divers but scubanetwork had a deal with the restaurant to offer the same food package for their customer. So bear in mind guys, always be punctual in time for food hehehe. If you off late on your 1st dive , it will affect your lunch too.Later on i will share scubanetwork Itinerary so that you all be aware of the time.
This time the SI was longer so i get to sit and chat with Mr Azman & Mr Sabri. GEt to know them better and how their DC been doing since they start to operate this year. I told him about how i feel the time i reached to their guesthouse and how they handled the service for setting the gears. I was pleased with their performance. I told them ,it felt like i was not in malaysia. Almost like diving in indonesia. I mean the service.

2.30pm we off to the 3rd and last dive, sawadee wreck. Just a few meter of the lagoon. We were told to put on gears before the boat moved. Uuuuuh again magnificent. No other divers at sight. Only 8 of us. Sawadee wreck mainly for deep dive since the sandy bottom reached to 31 meter. Mostly wrecks visibility can get dull but not this. If it wasnt for my very basic underwater camera casing(only on/off and shoot button) camera, i could have taken more quality pictures. After a few minutes at the wrecks we head toward shallower slope which was turtle point. By 3.20pm we finished the dive.
The staff then take off the gears, packed them accordingly, only then the boat start to move back to the mainland. By 5pm we reached the jetty.
They washed the gears for us so we don’t have to bring anything back to the guesthouse. Seriously i don’t have to do anything or lifting anything heavy accept from dragging myself with the equipment on after the dives. You can always take off your gear while on surface but im too kind. I know the thing heavy, i don’t want the staff to get back ache :p
The nice lady boss Madam Tiur greeted us at the jetty and back at the guesthouse ,hot and delicious keropok lekor ready to be consumed by us.

so points to be taken
* let the staff set the gear for you. Much faster that way
* if by bus, just inform the staff, they can pickup for you anywhere around
Kuala Dungun
* dont be slow, be efficent. Try to get the jetty earlier in the morning so
that you can start the dive earlier
* REMEMBER THE RULE OF MINIMUM 18 HOURS NO FLY TIME. I had to bold this one cause a good diver from Seamonkey Dive Centre, Mr Matcha greeted me
during lunch break on the island. He asked me when i head back to KL , i told him “tomorrow”. He advised me to remember the altitude and the no
fly rule. As you can see heading to the east cost from KL, you need to drive through higher altitude which is the Gombak-Karak highway. The
genting sempah tunnel is 600meter above sea level. Most altitude dives start counting at 1000feet. Eventhough genting sempah is no where that
high, still the chances to get DCS can happen. So try to get some rest 1 day before heading back to KL.

So now pictures and video link of the trip and scubanetwork guesthouse





be punctual

#scubanetworktenggol #kualadungun #scubadiving #freediving #terengganu #tenggolisland

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Trending: Malaysian scuba divers flocking Weh Island

Since labour day fall on Monday 1st may 2017, many malaysian divers choosed to dive
At Weh island during the weekend.
Not only that , flight AirAsia promo at less than RM200 for roundtrip.

I booked my flight ticket from 27 April till 3rd may 2017 and I booked 2 rooms from finabungalow with std fan
But I didn’t book any scuba dives with any of the dive shop along iboih village.
Once I arrived at #rubiah tirta , the instructor there informed me that they were fully booked and cant fit in
Anymore walkin like me.
I tried with #Iboih DC , same result. I went to Weh Scuba, same too and the list go on with Dive Monster and
Scuba Addict located near Gapang Beach.
When finally I tried #Steffan sea sport (now change name to #Saya Suka Scuba). Lucky for me the owner’s wife
Lay Meng answered my watsap.
I knew that SSS only cater for divers whom already booked with them in advance. Small chance for walkin like
Me. Alhamdulillah , she replied me and said yes I can joined in.
I only booked 3 dives on Monday which was on 1st May.
The rest from 27th april till 30th April , I spent my time freediving all around rubiah island and iboih’s coral reefs.
My main point for this trip was to counter my equalize problem while freedive and have my 1st freediving trip to the open sea.
My longfin haven’t tasted the sea yet. Only with pools and lakes.
During my freedive, I managed to trial and error my equalization technique. I tried any possible tips,
To handle the pain in my ear.
The pain still there during the dive, but it was not as painful as I did in the fresh water lake.
Other than that , I don’t feel that scary when diving with currents.
I was amazed with myself, confidently swimming and not feeling and cramps cause I spent
About 2-3 hours in the water swimming.
So this time around, I cant post any good stuff about diving. Most of the exciting dive sites in weh island (video playlist weh island dive),
I had already video it in my last trip to weh island few years back.
Most of the divers I encountered this time, told me that their dives was tiring cause they had to fight currents.
It seems that iboih has improve a bit over the years. Many more chalets and inn build to accommodate the tourist.
For divers who wishes to dive with #rubiah tirta Divers or #Iboih DC, best that you stay near to their location.
You can choose to use Mr Bean, Iboih inn , Green house or Finabungalow I.
If you choose to dive with #Weh Scuba. Then better you choose to stay Finabungalow II, Bunda Chalet or Juliet Chalet.
The rates pretty much the same.

iboih chalets

For water activities, there are snorkeling , fishing trips and the rates for boats fiber/wooden can follow this pix.
This price only available around iboih village. Not other parts of weh island.


If you don’t want to pay for snorkeling than I can suggest for you to stay at #yuliaresort.
As the house reef there is around 4-6 meter. Located in a lagoon safe from strong currents.
Many coral fishes blue tangs, banner fish, angel fish , morays, lionfish and much more.



Please bring along insect repellent as the mosquitoes are quite aggressive around weh island.

Taxi ride at banda aceh : once you arrive at the airport many taxi there. The rates already fixed so just look at the rates and the driver will take you there
Dive center near iboih
Rubiah tirta : http://rubiahdivers.com/
Iboih DC : http://iboihdivecentre.com/
Scubaweh: https://www.scubaweh.com/about/
Steffan Sea Sport : https://www.facebook.com/Steffen-Sea-Sports-homestay-Pulau-Weh-Indonesia-126180994103937/
Watsap:+6019-3851256 : Ms Lay meng

Dive center Gapang beach:
Dive monster: http://www.monsterdivers.com/
Bubble addict: http://bubble-addict.com/

yulia bungalow: Address: Iboih, Sukakarya, Sabang City, Aceh 24411, Indonesia ;Phone: +62 823-8843-0456

locals for arrangement at iboih can contact
Mr Nazar https://www.facebook.com/nazarweh

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Coron island , Philippines

This Chinese New year holiday I went to an island in the Philippines where it is still raw compared to Cebu or Boracay.
Initially scuba diving wasn’t in the ittenary but after a few package hunting at the small town of Coron, I found this
One DC offered an attractive package which include rental gears and lunch.
Pretty much cost of living at Coron was quite cheap and affordable.
Even the chalets or motels not that pricey and worth it.
I saw mostly the tourist were from Korea , China , Taiwan , Europe, and most of them seek for calmness and serenity.
The town doesn’t have loud bars and pretty much dead around 9pm.
I was told that most tourist will spend their nights at the local hotspring which reachable via motorcycle or tricycle.
Anyhow as usual im not the type of person who would write long about my trip. So below a brief of how I get there and how I spend my time at coron island.

1st day –
reach manila international airport . Took a terminal bus to get to the local domestic terminal. Cost me PHP20 only. Ask the local staff at the terminal
On where to get the bus. It very easy and located inside the international premises itself. For the local domestic flight, book a head for destination (BUSUANGA / coron island)
and check out Promos under https://www.cebupacificair.com/ or https://www.flyskyjetair.com/
Do take note that their local airline for luggage fee. Only took me 40min to reach Coron island(busuanga).
Once arrive you can either request your hotel to arrange a pick up or just take a van at the airport. Don’t worry there will be many people around to assist you
At the coron terminal. Fee for a van ride from terminal to the town or chalet around PHP150-200.
I stayed at Coron Vista Lodge(https://www.facebook.com/coronvistalodge/) booked via agoda.com. My room was number 307 with 2 twin beds and 2 windows overlooking the Mt tapayas and the jetty harbor.
From the lodge to the town was just 5min of walking. I like the place because it is little secluded from the main traffic. The downside every nights the local’s dog
Will barked like mad. It definitely disturbed my sleep.
So after check in the lodge , I went to the town and have some packages hunting. I plan to have 1 day of swimming to the famous lakes of coron and another 1 day of island hoping.
Somehow the plan changed after I get a good price for 3 dives including lunch at Coron divers (http://corondivers.com.ph/)

2nd day-
Snorkelling around the famous places of Coron.
Siete pescado, Kayangan Lake, Banol Beach (lunch), Twin lakes, skeleton wreck, Baracuda Lake.
I did a few skin dives there.
Tips: Bring your own mask and snorkel, windbreaker, water bottles. Option if you want to wear fins.
For Muslims, bring your own food. Theres pork in every dish.
The trip start at 9am and finish around 5pm.

3rd day
Scuba dive.
I joined with a few novice divers. One thing famous about diving in Coron island is for its wrecks during the WW2.
I dived at east tangat wrecks, Olympia maru wreck and Lusong wreck. I skipped lusong since I don’t feel that well.
Here are link info about the wrecks. (http://www.coronwrecks.com/sites.htm)
As always diving in wrecks was pretty much a lot of sediments and it even worse when you dive with novice divers around.
Here is a video taken by my buddy. Mostly it involve my ass in the video 😛

4th day
The last day at coron island. Instead of heading back to Manila via air , I decided to use the local’s ferry cruise .
Ferry from coron to manila only available a certain days in a week. Do check in their website
I booked the tourist class. Luckily I arrive at the port very early so when the operator check me in , they gave me the lower bed.
The size of the bed is fit enough for asian. Quite small for Europian size though.
More about the beds available on the ferry here http://travel.2go.com.ph/Accommodation-Facilities/
but don’t believe the tourist class in the link. It was far different from the actual
Beds. The actual beds for tourist class was like this http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8237/8566598783_219fe72688_z.jpg
There is no privacy if you got yourself the upper bed. Since I got myself the lower bed, I used the bed sheets to cover the window of my bed.
So I got a personal room for myself.
Do take note that the travel journey from Coron island to manila will take about 12 hours journey.

5th day
Arrives at manila about 6am. Take a taxi from the manila port pier 4 to SM mall of Asia. Cost about PHP800 (quite expensive) but I just
Don’t care at that point. Once reach SM Mall of Asia asked the staff for Free luggage storage. We can put all our luggage for free and
Have a hands free walkabout around it gigantic mall OR you could just head straight to the airport.

Alright then, here is a few links to help you about budget planning to coron island

Manila airport guides

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How I did my dive map (scuba dive DMT mapping project)

First of all of course a lot of googling. I try to find any tips on how to make the assignment. Of course the location of the dive site was already decided by my instructor and my task was to present and explained to him what are the things , layout and all relevant details about my dive map.
Something like a dive briefing should be.
What my instructor didn’t tell me is how am I going to execute it. What measurement in meter or time? How long the dive would be? What my map will be like. He did however helped me by showing a printed laminated google earth map of the D’lagoon area.
So the rest was up to me.
Some of the google tips I found in the internet are

Divemaster Mapping Project Tips


On the 1st dive, my instructor took me and just showed me around briefly of the area for my assignment. Later on I did another dive together with a buddy and tried to fill in more details about the area. I brought along an
Underwater video camera so that once on land I could have clearer images of the thing I may have miss out during the dive.
My instructor given me 2 days to complete the dive map. The next day , I went out for a snorkel swim around the area.I wanted to measure the distance around the location and any on-land features as reference. Example such as the marking
Of the stones on the shore, the bouyline, the platforms. Any big corals which can be seen from above.
Once I satisfied with my dive map, I try to make an image out of the things I saw. I choose to make a 3D image of the site.
On land , I took the bearing from the resort to the platform. I snorkel and try to measure the distances from shore to the dead corals
And patches corals. I took the measurement of depth. I timed my swim. I look at the boats moving in and out.
Underwater, I took the bearing of the platform. Once underwater , I swam and at the same time lookup whether
I can find the bouyline at the surface. I marked distinctive corals. I sketch an imaginary image of the dive route I plan to guide.

To some the location of the dive is somewhat “easy” since the site is just shore dive. Any diver can do it.

I told my instructor that I wanted to guide and presented my dive map for a night dive. Since the presentation was already
On the 2nd day , I already took note the current condition of the water , the weather, the location of the resort on the
Night before. The things I noticed was :
The condition of the sea while at night.
-The tide low around 6pm.
-It gets dark around 7.20pm.
-Since the day I arrived , the area had been very windy so the surface was a bit choppy and with the low tide and shallow reef
It will take a few hard finning to get to the platform if surface swim.
-The boats were less active at night.
– Lights available was only from the chalets and restaurant.

Another thing I had to add in my notes was an Advance Open water student together in the group and will be doing the night dive for the 1st time. I gave an extra effort by motivating the student 4 hours before the night dive. Trying to support and encourage her that no harm will come to her during this dive since I will be guiding the group.
Around 6.30pm , we gathered at the Dive center and I started to brief them about the map, the site, the hand signal and
Other related safety measures. Even answered a few questions from the student.

By 7.10pm we entered the water. We switched on our dive torches. I was in front of the group leading them slowly so that they don’t stumble upon the dead corals and rocks. Every few seconds I turned around and guiding them with my lights.
Once I look down and saw the level was good enough to descend which was about 2-3m, I signal them to descend.
Before the dive , the student complained about being tired and exhausted from surface swimming so I reminded myself since the water was choppy and windy at night , I have to cut the surface swim by half and have more underwater swimming to the platform. The execution went smoothly and the dive was great. That night dive was my 1st time ever encountered with so many blue spotted rays at the same spot. Almost 5-6 of them and they were not very shy with our lights. Some even came towards us which was kinda freak me out 😛 . The late Steve Irwin being stabbed by a stingray was in my mind.

Below are a few images which I took from google earth as to double check the bearings against my actual compass navigation.
If you look at the video link you can see how I documented my bearings while I was snorkeling and diving.
dlagoon google earth bearing from platform to dive center

dlagoon google earth bearing from sandpatch to dive center

dlagoon google earth bearing the sandy bottom to the sand patch with reef on the right

dlagoon google earth

dlagoon night dive house reef

dive report night dive

video link dive map skill 1

video link dive map skill 2

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Dive trip Perhentian Kecil Dlagoon 17th Mac-20th Mac 2016

DMT dive map and guiding skill
It finally comes to drawing a dive map and guiding the divers. I had been pending my DMT course
For months due to my sinus problem and office works.
I googled online for any tips and also asked a friend about how he did his mapping and guiding during his
DMT training.
My instructor choose to stay at Dlagoon chalet and use it dive center facilities for our task.
I dived together with another DMT so that when I dive to survey for my area, I will have a buddy with me.

Dlagoon is small lagoon with a few guest houses and a dorm. modest wooden rooms. basic toilets and with fresh water pumps
from a well nearby. no water heater. no electrical socket inside the room. sockets only at the restaurant.
only one restaurant available. to get to the other resorts at the famous long beach, you need to hike about an hour journey.
the fastest way with taxi boat which is quite pricey since the lagoon location quite distant from the other popular location.
the lagoon house reef full of healthy reefs and sands which perfect site for a beginner diver or a checkout dive.
for 4 days all the things i ate and drank written in a bill and payment only done the day i checkout from the resort.
The bill was named according to our rooms. from what i saw, this place quite famous among the mat salleh who
enjoys privacy and modesty. quiet and away from parties and noise.

Day 1 – once arrived at the chalet, we check in and started to gear up for our 1st dive around the house reef.
My instructor only did 1 dive with me and my buddy and he just there to show us what our task will be.
He then divided the reef into 2 parts for both of us. After the dive , he then proceed to teach another diver
For an advance diver course while I and my buddy carry on with doing our dive map of the reef.
I already had an idea of how my map going to be , just that trying to sketch it on a board need a lot of time to do.
Day 2 – early in the morning around 8.30am, I went for a snorkeling around the reef and took more videos of each
Distinctive things I saw from above. After the snorkeling, at around 9am I went out for another dive to assist my buddy since he
Said he needed another dive to really understand his side of the reef. After the dive , I finally decided and told my instructor
That I am going to guide and brief my dive map FOR a night dive. Whilst at the same time, will help the student Advance Diver
For her night dive speciality skill. Guiding a night dive is different from guiding during daytime.
Have to enforce on safety, the hand signal using torch, the hazardous things while at night, how to enter the water from shores
During night dive. So yeah, I don’t know why I was so confident enough to suggest a night dive for my task. Eventhough at that
Point my instructor had advise me to avoid the dive since the Advance Diver student was still having a problem with her previous
Dives. I convinced my instructor to please accept my suggestion and told him that I am confident enough and believed the student
Can overcome her problem if I guided the dive. Just for your info, the student diver had dives many occasion with me and it
Was true sometime she had a few problems while diving.
So we did the night dive and Alhamdulillah (thank you Allah) everything went smooth, even with choppy and windy shore the dive
Was a success. The student even had a good and relax buoyancy throughout the dive.
The only thing my instructor commented was the dive could have been longer and I could have been much more slower with my pace.
Ok take note on that. The night dive bottom time was 39min.
Day 3- My instructor told me to guide the divers to Temple of the sea located about 20min from DLagoon. This task require me to guide
Divers to a dive site which I didn’t have any time to survey. So how will I do my briefing. Other than that why my instructor choose temple
Of the sea was because he needed to do deep dive and multi level for the AOW student. Luckily the dive center have a sketch image of the dive site, and
I had dives a couple of time at the place so I can recall some of things about the dive site.
Alhamdulilah the dive went smooth. My instructor commented me to ascent slower when trying to go up for multi level.
After lunch , we need to do another dive to complete the AOW student skill. The diver was still having problem with it compass and navigation.
We did a dive at the police wreck. Sadly after the dive was finish, the student still unable to complete the navigation task which mean
She failed the AOW skill. I wasn’t happy with it and a bit confuse on why such a simple task but so hard for the diver to execute.
I told the student once we reach the dive center and store our gears, I want her to join me for a snorkeling. I want her to do navigation
And compass while snorkeling. I keep asking her what was her problem. I look at how she hold the compass.
I asked her again how she read the compass. We were in the water from 4.00pm till 5pm when finally I understood her problem
That she really doesn’t understand what is compass and how it function. What she understood about compass was completely
The other way around. So that was why she keep turning and turning at the same place for no reason. I solve her problem
Just by giving her a figure 292 degrees and ask her turn until she gets that number and then I told her this figure is the bearing
For our kiblat. Now look at the direction where we always prays in our room. Is it the same? And finally she got it.
She already understand how to read the compass now her arms keep on slanting and can never get the compass balance correctly.
Everytime she trying to make a square pattern it would end up like a triangle. I tried to correct her arms positioning and it keep on
Slanting pointing downward instead of straight outwards.
Out of frustration she told me that to her , her arm position was already straight she don’t understand why I keep on saying she wasn’t straight.
She then said even her office mates told her the same thing. They said every time she writes, her posture would look awkward but to her
She see It as straight. She is a left handed by the way. Then it struck me , could it be that what her brains is telling her differently than a normal
Average person would? So then I took out the compass from her arms and told her just to hold it with both of her hands. Less than a minute
She manage to the square instantly. I quickly inform my instructor and seek his approval and give her another dive next morning. I explained to him what was different about her. He was even surprised himself.
Day 4- 9.13 am , we started our morning dive and give the student 5 min to complete her navigation and compass skills and Alhamdulillah she did it. I was overjoyed until I was screaming underwater. After finished the dive, I and the student went packing our clothes and gears. We took a 4pm boat depart from the Dlagoon and went back to mainland.
So these links are only the videos for how I did my dive map. Nothing interesting

Checkout dive for mapping dive site

Checkout dive map via snorkeling

link to dlgoon http://www.dlgoon.my
make sure you give them a call. email are
very hard to reach them.

You can buy express bus ticket from TBS and ask the counter for a bus from TBS to Kuala Besut. You can even buy return ticket at the sametime. Do remember the boats from Kuala Besut to Perhentian Island start to operate from 7am till 3pm.


dlagoon compound

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